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June 2, 2020

Earlier in the year MaritimeQuest was contacted by Leslie Matheny who had a clock she wanted to donate. I assumed she was in the U.K. so I thanked her, but discouraged her from shipping it because I was concerned it would be damaged in shipping. It turns out she lives in Ohio, but the shipping problem was still a concern. Leslie was kind enough to drive half way across Indiana to meet my daughter, who had driven the other half, and give her the clock. The lovely clock is now in the possession of MaritimeQuest. We thank Leslie and my daughter, very much for taking the time and extra effort in getting this lovely clock to us for preservation.

Michael W. Pocock

Sept. 9, 2015

I wanted to share with you that I believe my grandfather also served on HMS Agamemnon during The Gallipoli Campaign. Below is a rather old photo that I scanned. His name was Harry Thomas Outteridge, in the medical branch. He was a SRN (registered Nurse) and i'm confident his nursing registration number was 004. Pops grew up around Tunbridge Wells and after the war ended up in Potters Bar. I congratulate you for a nice web site, very interesting.

Tim Outteridge

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Feb. 22, 2016

I have read the article about HMS AGAMEMNON battleship and I have amazing information that I would like to share with TIM OUTTERIDGE. I have info about his grandfather who was doing the military service the period 1914/18 (WWI) on Royal Navy battleship HMS AGAMEMNON, during the service here in Greek Aegaion Pelagos.

Your site MARITIMEQUEST, connects people stories and history, congratulations!

Thank you,
Periklis Angelopoulos
Athens, Greece


Feb. 9, 2015

My grandfather, Victor Collingham, served on the Agamemnon. We have one letter written from the ship to my grandmother during that service, but not really any other information or any photos. If you can point me in the right direction for information that would be super.

Thanks and kind regards,
Jo Gorton

Aug. 13, 2009

I have recently found some very old photos of my grandfather, James "Jock" Edgar who served on HMS Agamemnon in the first world war. The photo shows my grandfather wearing his navy uniform, wearing a cap with HMS Agamemnon embroidered on it. I don't have the exact dates of when my Grandfather served on the ship, but I do know that he was serving at the time when HMS Agamemnon was in Malta in May to June 1915. This is when he met and married my Grandmother, Carolina Testa. They settled in Malta and had three children, Thomas, Cissy and Mary Edgar (my mother). I don't know when James Edgar left the navy, but I do know that he died at an early age in 1939 as a result of complications from MS. He is buried in Malta.

Paul Williams

James "Jock" Edgar seen on HMS Agamemnon.

James "Jock" Edgar (standing at right) and three unidentified crewmen seen on HMS Agamemnon.

Jan. 10, 2008

My Great Uncle was a stoker on board HMS Agamemnon; serving from 17 ?? 1915 (probably February) to 19 November 1917. His grade was STO 1 at that time so it sound like he was a colleague of your Grandfathers. He had just been promoted from STO 2 on this trip. I am keen to get any information of my Great Uncle's service in the RN. His name was William Bewers. I have no idea how many stokers a ship like this would have, quite a few I am sure! Good luck with your research, it is fascinating isn't it?

John Chapman

Jan. 13, 2008

Thank you for your message regarding you Great Uncle who served on the Agamemnon. I do hope they served together on the great ship and I will pass on any details I get on my Grandfathers service records in the future via this great site.

David Burr

Dec. 31, 2007

An excellent site I have to say and was pleased to find a picture of the above battleship. I think this may be the ship my Grandfather, Mr Ernest Burr, served on during the war as Chief stoker. I am trying to obtain some information or perhaps a listing of the crew for this ship without success. I had hoped to get this via your site perhaps going about this the wrong way. Could you please point me in the right direction.

Thanking you in advance,
David Burr

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