My friend David Page has the best photo resource website for ships of the Royal Navy on the web. Photos include ships and submarines of all sizes and classes. Without David's help the Royal Navy section on my website would not exist.


My friend Gordon Smith runs two of the premier sites devoted primarily to the Royal Navy and the naval history of both World Wars. There is far too much info to describe it in detail here however, you will find an enormous amount of intricate detail on the Royal Navy and information on the other navies that fought in the wars.

Arnold Hague (1930 - 2006) served in the RN and RNR from 1949 until he retired in 1979 with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. During his service, he had command of two Reserve Communications Centres and the Sea Cadet Corps in the West Midlands. Later, he was a sub-editor for Jane's Fighting Ships. However, he will
be best known as one of the foremost Naval Historians of the WW2 period and published a number of books
on the subject. Through the efforts of Don Kindell and others the World War 2 convoy database he spent
much of his life collecting is being posted to the internet. This is a fantastic resource for information on
convoy movements and the vessels involved.

My friend Rodger Haworth in New Zealand owns and operates the Miramar Ship Index, the greatest shipping database on the net. With almost 250,000 individual vessels listed (over 500,000 name searches) the database covers vessels of over 100 GRT built since the early 19th century. The database even includes includes iron and steel sailing ships, which are often overlooked by others. It is a subscription based website, but for the small price of $20.00 USD per year it is the best value for the information you can find.

Lloyd's Yacht Register. All on one USB drive you get the complete listings of Lloyd's Yacht Register from 1878 to 1980 in PDF format for a very reasonable cost. If you are a serious researcher or yacht enthusiast this is a must have. This is the only place that this information is available.


Operated by Charles R. Hinman and based at the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park at Pearl Harbor,
Hawaii, On Eternal Patrol is a site dedicated to the men lost in the United States submarine service in World
War II. The site has listings for all USN submarines and submariners that never returned. He also maintains
contact with surviving family members and keeps them apprised of any new developments in the search for
our lost boats.


The North East War Memorial Project is a website designed to cover every War Memorial, of whatever type, located in Northumberland, Newcastle-on-Tyne and County Durham as defined by the Pre 1974 boundaries.
It is intended to assist the public, local history groups and schools, to learn about and research their neighbourhood war memorials, and record the results.

Maritime artist James A. Flood has portraits of many of the great liners of days gone by. He also has a good
selection of portraits of warships, sailing ships and yachts.

J. Kent Layton is an author and maritime historian, his website is devoted to the great ocean liners of
days gone by and offers a variety of information on some of the greatest Atlantic liners in history.

Peter Rowlands has put together a great website devoted to the HMS Royal Oak and her crew. It is full
of valuable information on the ship, crew and the Orkney Islands. He is also an artist and documentary film producer and has made a fantastic 50 minute video on the HMS Royal Oak. He was kind enough to send me
a copy and I highly recommend it for your collection.

David Axford has made available his collection of Royal Navy commissioning book, these are in PDF format and are of very good quality. There is also other additional pages which cover other aspects of life in the Royal Navy.


Maik Ebel in Hamburg has a very good website devoted to photos he has taken over a number of years living in the area. Maik has a remarkable collection of photographs of cargo ships, bulk carriers and tankers which have passed his lens.

The tour of honor is a annual motorcycle ride that is based around visiting monuments and memorials.


Sixtant World War 2 in the South Atlantic, a website run by Capt. Ozires Moraes, focuses on the war south of the equator with special attention on the Brazilian participation in the war. The site includes articles, photos and details of all merchant ships lost in the South Atlantic during World War 2.

The Korean War Educator website contains vast resources for anyone interested in learning more about the Korean War and the men who fought it.