Canteen Assistant Leslie Norman Knight Collection
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At age 12 Leslie attended the Royal Hospital School at Holbrook as his father was a Royal Navy Signalman who signed up in 1905 and had served in World War I. After leaving Holbrook Leslie underwent naval training on various training ships and shore establishments.

Leslie's 18th birthday was on VE Day. In May 1946 he joined HMS Venerable in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) as a steward. The deployment included trooping duties and exercises in the Far East. He returned to Plymouth on the ship in March 1947.

He left the Royal Navy in June 1947 and then worked as a Ledger Clerk for the NAAFI in Portsmouth.

Later he served in the Merchant Navy from May 1949 until January 1950 as an Assistant Steward. His longest voyage was from Southampton to Australia with over 1300 migrants “£10 Poms” aboard.

He joined Hampshire Fire Service in 1952 and reached the position of Leading Fireman before his retirement in 1979.
-Laurence Knight 2020

Leslie Norman Knight seen on the flight deck of HMS Venerable.

Leslie Norman Knight (left) and his friend Jack.

Leslie Norman Knight (right) and an unidentified friend.

Two unidentified photos of Leslie Norman Knight.

Leslie Norman Knight (left) and several unidentified shipmates seen in Bombay, India.

Leslie Norman Knight (center) with some unidentified crewmen.

From left to right; Nobby, Sarge, Ted, Tich and Leslie Norman Knight seen at Christmas time 1946.

Christmas 1946: Unidentified crewmen seen in HMS Venerable.

Christmas 1946: Unidentified crewmen seen in HMS Venerable.

The 1946 Christmas Day menu for HMS Venerable.

Unidentified crewmen from HMS Venerable seen in 1946 at the YMCA in Hong Kong.

Crew photo of the Supply Department of HMS Venerable.

Crewmen as pantomime horses to entertain orphans on the flight deck on HMS Venerable.

Giving rides to orphans on the flight deck of HMS Venerable.
All photos from the collection of Leslie Norman Knight
Courtesy of Laurence Knight

This collection was scanned and presented to MaritimeQuest for publication by Leslie's son Laurence Knight. We very much appreciate his time and effort in making this collection available and for allowing us to publish it on the site. There were very few notes or dates on the photos, which makes it difficult to place them in chronological order, so we have published them in subject order. MaritimeQuest Senior Researcher Mike Griffiths has provided much of the information and identification of the photos in the collection. Thanks to both Laurence and Mike for their assistance.

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