C.P.O. Hugh Meirion Williams, D.S.M., B.E.M., R.N. Collection
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An unidentified ice covered port.

HMS Valentine D-49, date and location unknown.

HMS Saumarez G-12, date and location unknown.

Petty Officer Hugh Williams (left) and a man identified as Petty Officer Nick Carter seen on a cruiser.

HMS Calcutta, date and location unknown. (HMS Calcutta was sunk June 1, 1941 by German aircraft.)
(All photos from the collection of Chief Petty Officer Hugh Meirion Williams, D.S.M., B.E.M., R.N.)
Courtesy of Trevor Williams

MaritimeQuest is grateful to Trevor Williams, the son of Hugh Williams, for providing this collection for publication.

Page 7
Page published Oct. 8, 2011