Daily Event for September 17, 2014

Built in 1931 at Cook, Welton & Gemmill in Hull, England the Walpole was a 387 ton trawler. She was later renamed Waterfly and in September of 1939 was hired by the Admiralty and converted into a minesweeper. She started her wartime career in Scotland (Scapa Flow), but ended up with the Dover Patrol.

On September 17, 1942 while sweeping off Dungeness a single German aircraft swept down on the small ships taking aim at Waterfly. According to accounts the gunfire hit an ammunition storage area and the ship exploded. It is sadly a short story after that, only between one and three men survived, the remaining fifteen men were lost.
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Roll of Honour
In memory of those who lost their lives in
HM Trawler Waterfly FY-681
"As long as we embrace them in our memory, their spirit will always be with us"

Anderton, Robert C.
Seaman (RNRPS)
Andrew, Thomas G.
Chief Engineer (RNRPS)
Clarke, Raymond
Steward (RNPS)
Davidson, John
Seaman (RNRPS)
Hannah, George L.
Seaman (RNPS)
Hawes, Ritchie W.
Lt. Commander (RNVR)
Commanding Officer
Hill, Frederick W.
Sub-Lieutenant (RNVR)
MacCallum, Hector B.
Seaman (RNPS)
Mitchell, William
Stoker (RNPS)
Park, Frank B.
Engineman (RNPS)
Peppit, Arthur E.
Leading Cook (RNPS)
Potter, Alan F.
Ordinary Seaman (RNPS)
Ralph, Roderick
Second Hand (RNPS)
Swansbury, Albert E.
Seaman (RNPS)
Woolf, Arthur S.
Stoker 2nd Class (RNPS)

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