Daily Event for November 16, 2010

The 1st MTB Flotilla was sent to Malta in July of 1937 and when the war broke out it was the only fully operational MTB Flotilla that the British had. Needing the small boats closer to home shores the flotilla was recalled to England. They departed Malta on Nov. 11, 1939 and made a daring journey back to England via the French canal system, then down the Seine and across the Channel arriving at Portsmouth on Dec. 8.

One of the boats, MTB-6 was lost on November 16, 1939 off Sardinia, apparently the boat was damaged or broke down during a storm and had to be scuttled by HMS Dainty H-35, making this the first MTB lost during the Second World War. Fortunately while the boat was lost, none of the men in her were.
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HMS MTB-8, same class as MTB-6 (60') built by British Power Boat.

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