Daily Event for October 15

October 15, 1917: The USS Cassin DD-43 was patrolling off the Irish coast when they spotted a U-boat on the surface. The U-boat submerged before the Cassin could make contact. About a half an hour later gunners mate Osmond K. Ingram sighted a torpedo running for the ships stern. Ingram ran aft to jettison the ships depth charges, he was there when the torpedo exploded. Ingram was killed and 9 others were wounded. Even though the Cassin was severally damaged she made it back to port. Ingram was awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously, and on June 28, 1919 a new destroyer, the Osmond Ingram DD-255 was commissioned in his honor.

© 2005 Michael W. Pocock

USS Cassin DD-43