USS Delaware (Battleship #28) BB-28

Newport News Shipbuilding
& Drydock Company
Newport News, Virginia
Hull Number:
Battleship #28
BB-28 (July 17, 1920)
August 6, 1907
April 4, 1910
Keel Laid:
November 11, 1907
November 10, 1923
February 6, 1909

November 10, 1923
Sold Feb. 5, 1924 to Boston Iron & Metal Co. Baltimore, Maryland and scrapped.

Feb. 6, 1909:
Christened by Mrs. A.P. Cahill niece of the Governor of Delaware.
Nov. 1, 1910:
Goodwill cruise with First Division from Hampton Roads, Virginia to Weymouth, England
and Cherbourg, France. Followed by battle practice in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba returning
to Norfolk, Virginia on Jan. 18, 1911.

Jan. 31, 1911:
Returned the body of Chilean Minister Cruz to Valparaiso, Chile (via Rio de Janeiro
and Punta Arenas, Chile). Arrived home May 5, 1911.

June 19-28, 1911:
At Portsmouth, England for the fleet review and the coronation of King George V.
Visited Villefranche, France with USS Wyoming (BB-32) and USS Utah (BB-31).
Stood off Vera Cruz, Mexico.
Stood off Vera Cruz, Mexico.
Nov. 25, 1917:
Assigned to 6th battle squadron British Home Fleet.
Dec. 14, 1917:
Arrived at Scapa Flow.
Feb. 6-10, 1918:
Convoy escort duty to Norway *Feb. 6: Unsuccessfully attacked twice by U-Boat.
Mar. - Apr. 1918:
Convoy escort duty.
June-July 1918:
Mine laying escort in the North Sea.
July 22, 1918:
Fleet review at Rosyth, Scotland (Grand Fleet reviewed by King George V).
July 30, 1918:
Detached from 6th battle squadron and departed for USA.
Aug. 12, 1918:
Arrived at Hampton Roads, Virginia.
Nov. 12, 1918:
At Boston Navy Yard for overhaul.
Mar. -Apr. 1919:
Fleet exercises in Cuba.
Apr. 28, 1921:
Presidential Fleet Review at Hampton Roads, Virginia.
June-Aug. 1922:
Midshipman cruise to Caribbean ports of Colon and Martinique then to
Halifax, Nova Scotia.
July 9, 1928:
Departed for Midshipman cruise to Copenhagen, Greenock, Cadix and Gibraltar,
returning home Aug. 29, 1928.
Aug. 30, 1923:
Arrived at New York Naval Shipyard, crew transferred to USS Colorado (BB-45).
Sept. 1923:
Moved to Boston navy yard for decommissioning.

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