USS Arkansas BB-33
Historic Signals

August 8, 1941: Signal announcing U.S. Under Secretary of State Sumner Wells will receive British diplomat Sir Alexander Cadogan onboard.

June 9, 1943: Press wireless report.

April 13, 1945: Announcement of President Roosevelt's death from the Secretary of the Navy.

April 19, 1945: Message from Commander Task Force 51.

May 3, 1945: Announcement of Adolf Hitler's death.

May 4, 1945: Message from Commander Battleship Squadron 1.

May 9, 1945: Announcement of the surrender of Germany.

June 24, 1945 0030: Radio message from C-in-C Pacific Fleet (Chester Nimitz) congratulating the U.S. and British forces in the capture of Okinawa.

June 24, 1945 0113: Radio message from Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill congratulating U.S. forces on the capture of Okinawa.

August 15, 1945 1445: Message from C-in-C Atlantic congratulating the U.S. Navy on the victory in the Pacific.

August 15, 1945 2341: Message from the Secretary of the Navy about the victory in the Pacific and the demobilization of U.S. forces.

August 16, 1945: Message announcing the official surrender of the Imperial Japanese Empire.
(From the collection of Lt. Cdr. William E. Darden, Jr. U.S.N.R.)
Courtesy of William E. "Bill" Darden, III

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