Ship's Cook 3rd Class Jack Joseph Adolfi, U.S.N.

The only known photo of Jack Joseph Adolfi.

I never saw or remember my brother Jack. I am told he came to see me at the hospital when I was born A woman in the ward thought he was the doctor, mom laughed and said no that is my son. He was a beautiful blonde hair blue eyed Italian.

Jack came to America in 1922 with Mary and Margie age 5. He found life tough growing up and employment hard with no skills, at 18 he would hitch freight cars across country. I was told he worked on Tom Mix Ranch.

At age 22 he decided to join the US Navy in 1940 LC Helena. His ship at Pearl Harbor was gone on a shake down cruise. After the Spring of 1941 he was reassigned to USS Edsall. 1941-42 we lived in South Jamaica Queens, in 1944 I would go out the fire escape and about 75 feet away was a government factory and all the woman use to come to the window and throw kisses to me.

My sister that lived three doors down told me the woman threw kisses because I was so cute, the real reason which I learned later on was Mom had a gold star flag in the window. So all the woman knew of our loss, Mom kept that from me.

I feel bad that they are all gone and never knew the true story of the ship. In 2001 when I inquired why Jack's name was not on the Honor Roll at Pearl Harbor I was told there is no memorial for the MIA and Jack was not killed at Pearl Harbor, but they did a military service at mom and dad's grave site and presented my sister Margie with the flag.

I only found out by accident on 2/17 while watching Oliver North War Hero's, after reading war articles, and the book The Blue Sea of Blood, and hearing the testimony of Japanese Naval Officers in the book I had to pursue the story. Not only because of my brother, but because of the heroes of that day and with all the men that went down to not have a place in history for newer generations to come is truly sad. God bless all those heroes of that generation. And God forgive those that forgot these men. I say this as an American and a Patriot all I want is for the story to be told.
-Michael Adolfi 2019

Page published Apr. 7, 2020