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Oct. 16, 2016

Hi old shipmates. Looking too get in touch with any friends from 5th division boats, utility, officers, and admirals barge, from the first Med cruise and sea trials. Our quarters where in the stern above the laundry. Also looking for teammates from the ships 4th and 5th division combination basketball team, some really great games my remembrance of the liberty after we won the ship championship will be remembered always a great time. I remember we came back from a good lead buy the other team, also remember the huge cake commander Riggs had made for us we hate it up forward. A lot of us were sitting on the anchor chain links. Well if you see this, hi guys, hope I hear from someone. Frank Cummings if your still with us get in touch. It was a great crew. One memory stands out, taking Gregory Peck out in one of the officer's boats in Cannes, France.

Charles "Charlie" T. Madden, BM 2nd Class
Walpole, Massachusetts

Aug. 25, 2016

My name is Charles T. Madden, I am also a plank owner from the get go pre-commishing unit then aboard at Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. lived on board Big John was almost ready for sea trials of Gitmo, did her shack down cruise and the two hour stints with stinky nuclear incident sits no access in that compartment, one of the nice memories was the dolphins buzzing my 40' foot utility boat my rate was seaman upon arrival but was soon promoted to BM 3rd Class which gave me the opportunity to coxsain the officers boat, fond memories of the sailors and Marines coming back from liberty anyway what a short not  after the Navy I became a 20 YEAR veteran of the Boston Fire department 1972-1992 retired on a disability two very bad back operations in 1971-1972 causing my retirement thank two the crew officers and enlisted men my boss commander Riggs ps played On the ships basketball  team mostly 5th and 4th division wou) D love to hear from any shipmentmates phone  number is 1-508-921-3529 home address is 65 Plimpton Street, Walpole Massachusetts 02081 Big John  thanks for the memories and the fine men I served with.

Charles T. Madden 

Nov. 27, 2015

Was on JFK from 85 to 87. New York to Med cruise in 86 and 87.

John Kurszewski

Aug. 30, 2015

There has been a tremendous amount of talk about the idea of instituting a mesothelioma and asbestos trust fund from which mesothelioma victims would be paid. USAEP will work to get victims of Mesothelioma fair compensation. For free information contact click here
Or call 1-800-706-5606

Audrey Thompson

July 2, 2015

Below is some basic info, concerning both the reunion and the keel laying of the new ship - USS JOHN F. KENNEDY (CVN 79).  Which, I know is going to catch some of you by surprise, if your not on Facebook. So, by all means, feel free to fire back with any questions and/or comments.  Ok, enough said, I'll shut up for now. :) TCAMGB. Bob Haner

Dates of reunion - 20-23 Aug 15
Date of keel laying - 22 Aug 15
Reunion hotel - Holiday Inn at 5655 Greenwich Road, Va Beach, VA Reunion rate - $99.00 per night (it includes the $12.95 breakfast buffet, which is not included if you were just booking a room the normal way).

Reservation phone #'s - 800-567-3856 (the local Norfolk/Va Beach # is 757-499-4400). 
The worldwide # for Holiday Inn is 800-465-4329
Reunion code - JFK Tickets to the keel laying will be handed out at the reunion If your flying in, the hotel, DOES have a shuttle service. There is a curtsey phone in the baggage claim area, or you can call 757-499-4400 Reunion Fee - The reunion fee consists of the following (each person's total fee is determined by what they sign up for)
Dinner each night is $38.00 per plate (or per person). 
Meals will be buffet-style.
2015 Coffee Mug - $10.00 The 2015 mug will be white both inside and out. It will feature OUR ship's original ship's seal, and will feature the picture of the ship that we put on our t-shirts, which the company feels they can do.  If they can't, then it will feature the picture of the ship that's on the attachment.  It will, of course, have Norfolk 2015 under the picture of the ship.)

Bus Fare - $18.00

Audio/Visual fee (this is for the equipment that has to be rented in order to have a live feed from the shipyard, and also to meet the requirements of our reunion speakers) - TBD/TBA

The deadline for mailing in your your fee is 11 Jul for the Coffee Mugs (the mug company needs at least a month to be able to do the mugs, and have them to us, by the start of the reunion), and 28 Jul for everything else.  If possible, mail in your entire fee by 11 Jul.  The fee should be mailed to - Richard Fitzgerald at 104 Fogg Road, Buxton, ME  04093, and made out to either USS JFK or USS JOHN F. KENNEDY, and on the memo line put 2015 Reunion Fee.  Payment should be made by either check or money order (sorry, we are set up for credit/debit cards).  Along with your payment, please include the following info, for both registration purposes, and for the name tags we are working on: Your name and rank (and your guests name),as you want it on the name tag.  What your signing up for.  Your dates onboard OUR ship.  Your Department/Division.

Reunion Speakers
20 Aug - Captain Robert Powers (who was CO of the USS CLAUDE V. RICKETTS (DDG 5) in November 1975, when the BELKNAP collided with JFK, and RICKETTS was the first ship sent in to aid the BELKNAP (the first night is dedicated to remembering that event, which the 40th anniversary will actually be this coming November)

21 Aug - Admiral Jerry Tuttle (Skipper - 77-78)

22 Aug - JFK Project Update, Memorial Service, and our last speaker will be our living legend - Admiral Buddy Yates.

Tickets to the keel laying ceremony are for JFK Sailors only. That's a restriction the shipyard had to impose, due to contract restrictions in the contract for the ship, to try and reduce costs.  Again, a live feed from the shipyard to the hotel is being set up.

Reunion needs - If your planning on coming to the reunion (and I hope you are), have a laptop, have some experience with Powerpoint presentations, please let me know.  Captain Powers has asked us if we have someone with that laptop, and who would be willing to help him during his presentation. If anyone, that's coming, can play a CD on either their laptop, or has a portable CD player let me know.

Oct. 31, 2014

Got orders to JFK from Gitmo. Ship was in the shipyard (NNSY). I had never been aboard a ship, I could fill lt moving and growling. It was alive, older sailors laughed me Ha ha. Served 1978-1981 ASH Ground support Yellow gear. Tow Dollys, lox carts Airstarts, Med Cruise of course got use ship rubblings cat launches. People don't believe me when I tell them you tell when they launched a bird off the ship. Great time of course. Grew up fast. To bad everyone can't experience being on a big Boat. THANKS BIG JOHN CV67.

Rudolph Gallegos

Reply 1
Apr. 12, 2015

I served on the Kennedy the same time as Rudy (Chico) Gallegos, message #69 and I would like to get a message to him. I have been trying to find him for a while. I was on the "Big John" twice from May 1979 to December 1981 and February 1990 to February 1992. I served both times in IM-4 division working on Ground Support Equipment. I hated to see the girl go but hopefully they can pull off the museum thing they are working on for Newport Rhode Island. I would love to take my grandkids on it!

Rich Slayden

Reply 2
Sept. 27, 2017

I was browsing your fine site and having served on USS JFK from 1980-1982 I discovered in the message board message #69 and reply to message #69 that both of those guys I served with (Rudy Gallegos and Rich Slayden) and are good friends of mine. Would like to be able to post a message or reply and or have my messages relayed...

Thanks for the good work and your time!
Frank Gallant
USS JFK, May 1980 to Jan. 1982

Reply 3
Aug. 28, 2018

Thanks, I served with honor. Learned alot helped me do my job as a rentalman. I think we would all do it again.

Rudolph Gallegos

Aug. 3, 2014

Just found this site and I am searching for my ship mates aboard the USS John F. kennedy CVA-67, from 1970 to 1972 and 1975. I was on duty during the Med cruse and had an accident in Engine Room number 2 of P2 Division later part of 1971. To June 1972 Steam Fire pump exploded while on duty. Any one know where I can find photos of this pump after it blew up?

Thank you,
USN Bill Lofquist
Ankeny, Iowa

Feb. 27, 2014

I was in attendance as crew of the USS JFK During the re-lighting of the Statue of Liberty in 1986. I served aboard her from 1984-1988.

Donald Child

June 30, 2013

Announcing the JFK Reunion 2013. The reunion is scheduled for 25th through the 28th of July, 2013.

Holiday Inn 1200 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: 617-698-7649 or 800-465-4329 (800-HOLIDAY)

JFK Reunion Code: 
JFK (or just mention 2013 USS JFK Reunion)

Reunion Rate:  $169.00 per night (per room).  We have a block of  75 rooms.  After that it's first come, first serve, and depends on rooms still available in the hotel.

Parking at the hotel is $29.00 a day (even for guests).  Life in the big city.

For those Shipmates flying into to Boston, the hotel  DOES NOT offer a shuttle service between it and the airport.  The cheapest way to get from the airport to the hotel, and then back again, when you get underway to head home is to utilize the Boston Mass Transit system (MBTA).  The directions that we've been given are:  Take the free airport shuttle service to the airport station.  Then take the blue line to the government center station, and the Greenline  to the Saint Paul Station, and the hotel is supposed to be close by.  The trip (again from what we've been told) takes about 40 minutes, but, only costs $2.50 (each way).  Which if you even look at a cab, it's already past that. The toll free MBTA # is 888-844-0355 (option #4).

The registration fee for all events is $ 15.00 per person. 
This fee covers the following:
A  2013 JFK reunion coffee mug, and a name tag. Extra mugs  may be purchased. Just add an extra $10.00 on to your fee for each extra mug.

For more information contact:
Bob Haner

Bob Haner

May 19, 2013

I'm sorry to pass along the news that Taps has been played for these Shipmates:
Wilbur S. Sharpe - Taps - 16MAR13. His Obit, doesn't say much, just that he graduated from high school in 1970, and severed in the Navy during Vietnam, and onboard OUR ship.  He was from South Carolina, and was 60 years old when his earthly voyage came to an end.

Captain Carl Everett "Early" Wynn, Jr.  Taps - 21MAR13.  His Obit does not say when he was one of our ship's XO's, just that he was XO.  He was 82 when his early voyage came to an end.  During his career he was also CO of the USS ASHTABULA, Skipper of the VA-96 Fighting Falcons, and was a member of the first Top Gun school class.  So, I'm thinking he was one of OUR ship's early XO's.

Bob Haner

Mar. 24, 2013

I'm sorry to report that Taps has been played for two Shipmates, and a Defense Contractor.  Those three individuals are:

RADM (Ret.) Julian S. Lake III - Admiral Lake was the second Skipper of OUR ship from SEP 1969 - SEP 1970.  Taps was played for him on 02MAR13. He was 90 years old, when his earthly voyage came to an end.  His son, Julian IV, who was onboard as a young lad (as he put it), told me a couple of "sea stories", one involves his dad, and the ship, playing a game of chicken with a Russian destroyer during the cruise, and the other is when is dad took the ship into drydock at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and didn't use a Harbor pilot.

CAPT(Ret.) Ray C. Barber, SC - Captain Barber was the second SUPPO of our ship.  Taps was played for him on 03MAR13. He was 86 years old, when his earthly voyage came to an end due to brain cancer.

Gary Alnutt - Gary was an ABE in V-2, and served alongside J.J. Wilson and Scott McClendon, in the 80's and 90.  Taps was played for him on 09FEB13.  He was 59, when his earthly voyage came to an end.

Bob Haner

Feb. 15, 2013

I'm sorry to report that Taps has been played for two Shipmates, and a Defense Contractor.  Those three individuals are:

Mark Gaffey - Taps was played on 28JAN13. Mark was 57 when his earthly voyage came to an end.  All his Obit says, is that he served on OUR ship.

Richard D "Rick" Griffith.  Taps was played on 02JAN13.  He was a welder and a locksmith on OUR ship, and was 55 when his earthly voyage came to an end.

Alvin E. Dean - Taps was played on 19DEC12.  Alvin was 53 when his earthly voyage came to an end.  According to his Obit, he was a Defense Contractor, and deployed on both OUR ship and the USS SARATOGA (CVA/CV 60).  The only information as to what he worked on was that he was a Senior Software Engineer.

Bob Haner

Jan. 15, 2013

I'm sorry to announce that Taps has been played for one of our Shipmates, a Shipmate's wife, and a general who led us in war.  Taps has been played for the following individuals::

Robert Bailey - Taps was played for him during the first week of this month (Jan 2013 ).  His Obit doesn't mention exactly when he passed, but, does say a memorial service was held on 5 Jan 13.  Robert was a Naval Aviator who flew A-6's off both OUR ship, and the USS BON HOMME RICHARD (CVA 31).  He was 63 when his earthly voyage came to an end.

Cookie Langford - Cookie was the wife of Harry Langford (who, of course is one of our PLANKOWNERS).  I received word that Cookie this past week, that Cookie had passed.  From what I was told she actually passed, due to cancer, back in October 2012.

General Norman "Stormin Norman" Schwarzkopf, USA (Ret.) - General Schwarzkopf was, of course the Commander, U.S. Central Command, during the first Gulf war in 1990-91.  I know a number of us were glad he was in command during that war.  He was over there before many of us got there, and he was over there, after several of us were on our way home.  He fought the war from over there, not from the Tampa HQ. Taps was play for General Schwazrkopf on 27DEC12.

Your earthly voyages have come to an end.  Rest in peace.

Bob Haner

Jan. 1, 2013

I'm sorry to say that Taps has been played for the following Shipmates:

John Charrette - Taps was played for John on 16NOV12.  From what is widow, Mary Jo, told me, he sadly had three types of cancer.  In his lungs, in his prostate, and in his bones.

John H. Cline - Taps was played for John on 01DEC12.  He was aboard during the late 1960's with the "Tophatters" of VF (now VFA)-14.  His obit did not say when he retired, just that he was a retired LCDR, and a 1967 Naval Academy grad.

Charles "Chuck" F. Vaitiskis.  Tapes was played for Chuck on 25DEC12, at the age of 69, due to cancer.  He retired as a Chief in 1981.

Rest in Pease Shipmates.  Your earthly voyages have come to an end.

Bob Haner

Nov. 25, 2012

I'm sorry to report, that Taps has been played for the following Shipmates:

Wade Gaither - We don't know when Wade was actually aboard the ship, his Obit, just says he  was a Chief Air Traffic Controlman, and served onboard the JFK, as well as the USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65), and the USS ROOSEVELT (it doesn't say whether it was the old FDR (CV 42), or the TR (CVN 71).  He was 74, when Taps was played on 18NOV12.

David C. Allen - Now, we have even less info on David, except that he passed away on or about 17NOV12, and that he served on OUR ship.

Bob Haner

Oct. 17, 2012

I'm sorry to pass the word, that Taps has been played for the following Shipmates:
Darvin "Barney" Frey -  I received word from Ron Goodinson and Dave Withee, that after battling chronic asthma and lung problems for many years, that Darvin (or Barney Frey as some of you may remember him) lost his battle, and Taps was played on 19SEP12 .  Darvin/Barney was on OUR ship from JAN 76 - MAY 79, and worked in the magazine shop, hangar deck shop, and finished in the flight deck shop before getting out.  Darvin was, I believe 55, and if you knew him you can go to , look up his name under the recent area, and leave a msg for his family in the condolence/remembrance book.

William S. Boagey, Sr - Taps was played on 17SEP12 .  He was a HMCS on OUR ship.  He was 70, when his earthly voyage came to an end. Steve "Lightning" Hilton - Taps was played on 12SEP12 .  He was 60, when his earthly voyage ended

Now, I'd also like to mention that Taps has been played for another individual.  This man was not a KENNEDY Sailor, BUT, he and his family took care of some KENNEDY Sailors during a port visit to Cannes, France, back in Christmas 1988. Robert Wolles' - Robert, like I said, did not serve on OUR ship.  BUT, he and his family sure treated three KENNEDY Sailors right during that port visit.  We (as in myself, Jim Koebel, and another Sailor, who, I'm sorry I don't remember his name) signed up on the ship, for what was then called the "Dial-A-Sailor" program, and Robert Wolles' and his family put their names, down on the shore side of things, and we were matched up.  When we went ashore, they met us, took us to their home, in the upper hills in Cannes, served us a great meal, then took us all over the city, and refused, and I mean refused to let us pay for anything.  I remember he said, this was the least he and his family could do, for all the U.S. did during WWII.  He remembered an American aircraft carrier pulling into Cannes as a kid, and how great the Sailors on that ship (he didn't remember the name) treated him and the other kids at the time, which was shortly after WWII.  I'm very honored and proud to say that I've been able to stay in touch with him and his family over the years, and consider them friends.  Well, I received word about a month ago, that he had passed away (actually a couple months prior to that).  He was either 92 or 93.  Rest in Peace Mr. Wolles', you've had a great life.

Bob Haner

Sept. 9, 2012

I'm sorry to report that Taps has been played for two more of our Shipmates.  Taps has now been played for:

Benny (Ben) Conine - Taps was played for Benny on 24AUG12 .  He served as Combat Systems Officer during his time onboard.  He was 70 years old when his earthly voyage came to an end.  I'm sorry to say, I don't have any info on when he was actually onboard.  The Chap's and I just have the info that was in his obit.

Paul A. Kutz, Sr. - Paul was a PLANKOWNER on the ship, and an R DIvision Plankowner .  Paul was onboard from JUN 1968 - NOV 1971.  Taps was played on 05SEP12.  His wife, Arlene let me know of his passing yesterday.  He was 63 when his earthly voyage came to an end, due to Esophageal Cancer.  She said he was so happy to have been at the 2011 reunion, and was looking forward to the next reunion.  Arlene also took the time to send me a picture from the reunion, and if anyone would like to see the photo, or to contact Arlene, let me know.

Bob Haner

Sept. 9, 2012

I was in IM-2 seaopdet during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I made some good friends while in IM-2 (aircraft power plants) I would like to find some of the guys and see how they are doing. One of the guys was ADAN Ramon  E. Peters, if any one knows where he is or how to get in touch with him please let me know. I had some good times while on board.

Howard Clay
AD-2 (RET.)

Aug. 15, 2012

I'm sorry to report that Taps has been played for two of our Shipmates.  They are:
Marcel R. Baillargeon - Marcel was a PLANKOWER.  Taps was played on 22JUL12, when his earthly voyage came to an end at the age of 74.

Michael T. Demetris - Taps was played on 26JUL12, when his earthly voyage came to and end at the age of 62.  I'm sorry I don't know when he was aboard the ship, just that he served onboard the ship.

Rest in Peace Shipmates!
Bob Haner

July 16, 2012

I want to send a special salute (or mention) to the late actor and Sailor - Ernest Borgnine, for who, TAPS was played on 8JUL12.  He was 95 when his earthly voyage came to an end.  Many of you think of him as an actor.  BUT, before he was that, he proudly served in the Navy for 10 years from about 1935-45, as a Gunner's Mate 1st Class.  He was made an Honorary Chief a few years ago.  So, he was much more than McHale's Navy or Marty for which he won an Oscar for.  Rest in peace Shipmate.

Bob Haner


July 15, 2012

I was in IM-2 seaopdet during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I made some good friends while in IM-2 (aircraft power plants) I would like to find some of the guys and see how they are doing. One of the guys was ADAN Ramon  E. Peters if any one knows where he is or how to get in touch with him please contact me. I had some good times while on board. (AIMD CECIAL FIELD SEAOPDET FL.)

Howard Clay
AD-2 (RET.) 

June 27, 2012

Captain Estill Allen Cooper, Jr.   - Captain Cooper was the Skipper of VAW-125, during one of it's times aboard OUR ship.  Captain Cooper's was 78, when his earthly voyage came to an end on 08JUN12.

Bob Haner

July 18, 2012

Captain Cooper, who was, indeed, great American will be dearly missed by all of his family, especially his beloved wife of thirty-one years who listened, and cared deeply, for the man who was a sailor as well as a very special Naval Aviator.  It has been an honor and a  privilege to have been asked to share this life with such a beautiful person.

Sharon Cooper

June 27, 2012

Robert Durand - Robert was a RM1 on the ship, and a PLANKOWNER .  His earthly voyage came to an end on 23JUN12 .  The service for him is being held in Suffolk, Va at 1100, 28JUN12.  If your one of the crew in the Tidewater/Norfolk area, and think you can make it to the service, let me know, and I'll provide you with additional information.

Bob Haner

June 13, 2012

Kevin James Head - Taps played on 25MAY12.  Kevin was 52 when his earthly voyage came to an end.  Sorry, so far, I don't know when he served on the ship, just that he served on the ship.

Bob Haner

June 13, 2012

Hubert Paul Adams, Jr. - Taps played on 24MAY12.  Hubert served on OUR ship in the early 1970's, and was 59 when his earthly voyage came to an end.

Bob Haner

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