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Nov. 27, 2011

My father, Denis William Stenning, was a crew member of both the Tactician and the Token during the 2nd World War. He has sadly passed away on 09/06/09. I can remember him talking about his times at sea. I have a small original B/W photo of him in Canada. He was also the first person to walk across Portsmouth harbour with a heavy dive belt assisted with surface pumped air. I tried to find out more online without success. Would love to know if you can tell me more? As I can t find any crew list from that time.

Kind regards,
Mark Stenning
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Jan. 18, 2014

My father served on the Tacticion in WWII he was petty officer Edgar Glyn Moore who passed away in 1972. I shall try to dig out some old photos of his, there used to be quite a few, the only problem is my sister has them in Wales,  but I'm due a visit in the new year. There might be other info to.

Gerry Moore

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