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May 20, 2014

I have just found your site and can update on the refit when the Asdic dome on the bows were fitted 1957 in Portsmouth Dockyard. I was then an apprentice working on the refit and was in the forward ballast tanks when the Asdic dome was fitted. During that time dockyard workers were cutting out the old bows with pneumatic hammers so you can imagine the noise. We were refitting the bow torpedo doors and gear. 

John Fishlock
Dockyard apprentice Jan 1954-Jan 1959

Jan. 6, 2014

I was aboard Artful May 1963- May 1965 at the same time as Reg Pope Leading Seaman (UC). In fact when Reg lived in Princes Street I was living in Jenner Road at a Council Property (at the top of the steps leading from Princes Princes Street.

Taff Inch

July 9, 2013

I was on the 'Artful' 1963 through to the end of 1965 when she paid off into refit in Devonport. I stayed on her until June '66 when I was time expired. I was a L/Sea sonar operator. As regards her operational duties at sea, as such she saw no  war service. Though it was the 'cold war'' the most we ever did was track and shadow some unknown sonar contacts and report on them, and carried out exercises with various other ships and nations.  The most, for want of a better word, active time we had was during the Perisher course in Scotland. Hair raising at times, but no more than that. The only Australians onboard I remember was a Lt. Summers, a great bloke and good officer and two ratings who were training for when Australia got its own boat(s), after all these years I can't remember their names. Hope this of use to you.

Best of luck,
Reg Pope

June 19, 2012

I am attempting to assist a former RAN submariner (stoker) who has contracted asbestosis. He claims that he does not have war service and, therefore, is unable to get repatriation assistance from the Australian
Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA).

His service records indicate that he served in HMS DOLPHIN (in order to gain SM qualifications for the RAN's O-boats) and, during his time with the RN, served in A-class SM HMS ARTFUL from 27 Mar 1964 to 27 Jun 1965.

Is it a fact that ARTFUL 'went in harm's way' during the Cold War? I acknowledge that the ship's operational history might still be classified; however, if the boat did undertake warlike operational service, my friend might have a case to put forward to Australia's DVA. Albeit he was serving with the RN, he was effectively still a member of the RAN.

In my research, I learned of the new HMS ARTFUL, I look forward to learning more about her. I would be grateful for any info/advice that you or any other Maritime Quest members might be able to provide/source so that I may assist a former sailor who is suffering as a consequence of his Navy service (he served in steam ships that were loaded with asbestos lagging) but, so far, is not recognised as 'being at the right place at the right time'.

Thank you and regards,
Michael Hardwick
Lieutenant Commander, RANR

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