Farewell to Coastal Forces
By Colin W. Hewitt

The Pens may be Empty
The Boats may be Gone
But, the boys we lost, live on
In our Memories, with Hornet,
The first of Two Dozen, Safe Havens.

In those days. of 60 years past
The pens held so many, of
Vospers and Whalebacks,
And, "Ds" oh so mighty,
With tough, hardworking "M Ls"
None ever gave in.

The boats oh! So Glorious, Glamorous,
And Glad of Safe havens.
Dashing Short boats, so Swift,
Always ready for whatever,
The Mighty "Ds.' so solid, so strong,
ML 's those determined ladies,
Not known for dash, but ever ready.

© 2006-Colin W. Hewitt

Page published June 1, 2014