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Jan, 3, 2016

My father was an Able Seaman (I believe it was called) on the HMS Perseus in the 1950's. His name is William Robert George McKenzie, born in Dundee Scotland in December 1930. Right after my parents married in February 1953, my dad was sent to Norfolk on the Perseus. The mission was to shuttle cars between embassies, I believe. As the story goes, they hit a storm off Bermuda on the way back to England. The Embassy cars were chained to the deck of the ship and took some damage. As the sea rolled, my dad was called by the Captain to help him secure them. Well, the captain was very nearly swept into the sea, and it was my dad who saved him. When my mother arrived at work after it had happened (I guess after the ship docked in Portsmouth and the news got out), the ladies she worked with had quite a bit to tell her about how her new sailor husband was a hero.

There was an article in the paper (it must have either have been a local Dundee paper - although I have checked with DC Thomson and there was nothing there, so maybe a national paper), which was given away to my Granny and was never found again. My dad is 85 now, and it would be great if I could find the original article written about him saving his captain. I admit I'm lost. I was a reporter for years and have tried my own sleuthing to find it, but the truth is, there were just so many papers at that time, and so many of them are gone, that it's tough to know where to begin. I thought you may have something like that, or, may have access to an archive I don't know exists. Any assistance you can offer would be graciously appreciated.

Kind regards,
Jennifer Pellegrini

Mar. 6, 2014

My father, William Avery, served on the Perseus from 1951-1954. He travelled to Philadelphia on the Perseus in 52 and demonstrated the steam catapult to the Yanks. Amongst others he also travelled to Singapore, Norfolk, Virginia and Malta on several different missions. Bill was an engineer and worked on setting the catapult to fire the planes off at the correct trajectory. He would be really interested to know names of colleagues who served around the same time. Great website!

Many thanks,
Graham William Avery

Aug. 10, 2010

My father William Salmons born 1919 was an Electrician (LTO) on Perseus from May 52 to Aug 53. I have a couple of  pictures of some crew members having xmas dinner on board at Aden in 1952 (see photos on page 2) along with a xmas day menu. If these would be of any use to you I would scan and attach to an e-mail.

Bill Salmons


May 28, 2010

My father served on HMS Perseus in the 1950's his name was Edwin Hugh Beer. He was born in 1930 and was from the Bristol area. He used to talk to us at length about his navy days and I have pictures of him on this ship. He was a electrician working on helicopters and jets. I would love to get hold of a ship roster with his name on it. how could I go about that?

Many thanks,
Adam Beer

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