HMS Indefatigable
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HMS Indefatigable seen at Sydney, Australia in 1946.
(Photo from the collection of Edwin C. J. Reed, R.N.)
Courtesy of Tracey Reed

September 15, 1950: HMS Indefatigable, location unknown.
(Photo courtesy of Philip J. Heydon, I.S.M.)

HMS Indefatigable seen in 1951.

HMS Indefatigable seen in the 1950's, location unknown.
(Photo courtesy of David Butler, R.N.)

March 1954: HMS Indefatigable, seen from HMS Implacable, driving through a heavy sea in the Bay of Biscay.
(Photo from the collection of Able Seaman Michael Rainsforth, R.N.)
Courtesy of Michael Rainsforth, Jr.

Page 3
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