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Apr. 6, 2014

I'm doing this for a friend she's the daughter of this man who served on HMS Indefatigable,
Vincent Peter Kehoe.
Born 1925, died 1986.
Keyed at New Zealand, Wellington.
Navy D.O.B.23-5-1925.
Address Empress Road,

They don't have his number or rate! That's all I can tell from the information they gave me. If anyone can offer any help please email me through the site.

Yours sincerely,
David Markham

Aug. 7, 2013

Something of a 'needle in a haystack' moment but I'm trying to discover if anybody can provide some insight in to my grandad, Coulbert Clason's time on HMS Indefatigable during WWII. Unfortunately my grandad passed away in 2006 and in typical fashion completely downplayed his service during the war. Indeed we only knew that he had served on the ship once we were clearing his house and came across some fascinating documents, including a 'Crossing the Line' party programme signed by all those serving on the ship at the time. We know he served in the Far East, but any other details are sketchy at best. As I say I appreciate the chances of there being any information on him are slim, but keen to at least ask the question.

Many thanks,
Chris Hynd

July 31, 2013

I am trying to find information about my father, Richard (Dickie) Milligan, who was a Stoker on board the Indefatigable during the early 40s. Is there anybody out there that can recall him during that time? Sadly dad passed away on June 10, 2007.

Richard Milligan

July 27, 2013

Looking at your site and its most interesting. My dad, Derek Quinn, was on the "Indefatigable" 1946 onwards. His service number was TKX/796790, and thinks he was on the ship with Trevor Silbeys dad when the ship ran aground in the Suez. Dad is still alive and well and is VERY interested in talking to anyone about the ship. Dad also said he remembers Bomber Bates, Freddy Gamble and a fellow he used to call Rosser. If anyone is interested they contact me through the webmaster (

Margaret Oxley

Apr. 4, 2013

I have just found this site and was thrilled my father was on HMS Indefatigable. Like most men of his time he never really spoke to much about his time during WWII. I do know he was on the ship at the time of the Kamikaze strike. He was one of the lucky ones 14 men were killed, but my father was quite badly injured. I would be so happy to hear from anyone who has any information about the men hurt at that time.

He then went on to Australia to recover. He suffered the rest of his life with health problems from the injuries caused at that attack. To see the photos of the attack on your site made me think just where was my father at that time. My father is longer with us and I wished I had asked more about this time in his life the only time he spoke about this was when he was ill in hospital he had lovely memories of the nurses in Australia who took such good care of him. Any new information for his family would be wonderful. Thanks for this site.

Susan Chelton

Nov. 26, 2012

I would be interested in any information concerning my father, Al' Albert Johnston of the Royal Marines, who served during the early 50's. He mentioned little of his time in the Marines, but I can recall three ships he had named, HMS Indefatigable, HMS Newfoundland and HMS Newcastle. Furthermore, I believe he was involved in something in Formosa, the Malayan crisis and the Korean war.

As I was born in Weymouth, I can assume he met my mother there as I remember him saying 'my carrier came into Weymouth, had never heard of it but that's where I met your mum and that's where I will end my days with her'. Suffice to say, both their ashes are on Weymouth beach. Originally he was from Ireland, being born in Downpatrick and raised in Belfast.

Thank you Maritime Quest, on what is a great website and a site that has already helped me fill in some gaps or made me wonder. Was he part of the Coronation Spithead review in June 1953.

Warmest regards,
Carl Johnston

Nov. 9, 2012

For those of your readers whom may be interested, Radio4Extra this week had the BBC Radio Show "Take It From Here" that was recorded onboard HMS Indefatigable in1953. It can be downloaded using Radio Downloader.

Roland J.

Oct. 30, 2012

I have been trying to trace my father's war record but without much success. I have tried all web site but to no avail.  I am his son now aged 71. My father's name is Norman Victor Castle & he died in 1976  - he was a Sub Lt (A). according to my birth is F.X.79113 Aircraft Mechanic Fleet Air Arm. (During the war all birth certificates had parents details in full.) Dad was also an Observer Navigator and talked about the Indefatigable & The Fairley Firefly. In fact, that was the only thing he ever mentioned  plus a time in Orkney area. It wasn't until 15 months ago that my son (Dad's grandson) said to me "Tell me about my grandfather" that I realised how little I knew of his World War 2 record even my mother knew very little and by that time she too was dead. Are you able to help fill in the "bits & pieces" - His younger brother though did suggest that at the end of the war he was moved into Catterick. We believe this may have been due to "war stress". He then returned to Civvies street. I wonder if there are any records or people that may recall Norman Victor Castle - Norman would have been 97 in December. Thanks for any help you can give.

Robert Castle,
Suffolk , UK

Sept. 6, 2012

I found some photos amongst my Fathers collection. He served on the Indefatigable from 1944 to 46 as an Engineer. His name was Matthew Morrison but known as Dougie. The photos are mainly from the ships stay in New Zealand.

Kind regards,
Ian Morrison

A Grumman Avenger that went over the side in the South Pacific, the pilot can be seen hanging on to the whaler.

1945: A Group of Supermarine Seafires seen in the flight deck of HMS Indefatigable while moored at Wellington, New Zealand.

1945: Crewmen in a march-past at Wellington, New Zealand.

July 9, 2012

My Dad born in 1913, served on the above carrier, I do not know the time frame, I imagine it must have been in the Pacific because he told me stories about being dive bombed. I also think his ship was at the surrender of the Japanese, he also told me about that. He was Chief Petty Officer Turner Greensmith from Leeds in Yorkshire. I wonder if anyone is still around from that time with memories.

Patricia Marshall

Feb. 23, 2012

I am trying to find information about Charles Henry Cotton, (Bromie) who I understand was on the Identifiable in 1940s. He met my family in Sydney, Australia and lived with my Aunt, Lorraine Bell at 8 Coronation Street Hornsby in and around 1949. I understand he settled here is Sydney. If anyone has any photos/information about him or his family we would appreciate hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Jackie Cormie

Jan. 23, 2012

I am trying to find the name of a crew member of H.M.S. Indefatigable, July 1914. Also any relatives still living. His initials were A.D.G. I would appreciate any help you can give on this matter.

My thanks in advance,
Guy Davis

Jan. 17, 2012

My dad was born 1923 in Glasgow, Scotland and served on the Indefatigable as an aircraft mechanic during WW2. His name is Edward Manley and he is still alive. I have a photo of the Kamikaze attack on April 1st and he was on board until after the war. He immigrated to New Zealand with my mum in the 1950's after visiting in the 1940's. He also had stories of his exploits off the ship and had a great time when in port. Does anyone know Eddie?

Kind regards,
Lynne Tahapehi

Dec. 21, 2011

My Great Uncle, Harry Teevan, was amongst the 14 that died on 1st Apr 45, also my fathers journeyman, Alex Gibson, was aboard and survived. Thanks for sharing the photos of the event.

Ross Galloway
Royal Air Force 86-95

Nov. 7, 2011

I am interested in the October 1946 sailing from Portsmouth for Far East -70 women and children as passengers plus 600 naval personnel for Gib, Malta, Aden, Colombo, Trincomalee and Singapore. I think one of the crew George Harry John Goodhew (born 1920) took his wife Ann to Singapore. We think she was still there in1947. 

RN long service and good conduct medal   1944 - 1954
Claim No. 87880   Jan 14th 1954
Rank = PO  p/JX147071
Ship = Indefatigable
Award schedale No. 24th Feb 1954

The questions are:
Is there a crew/passenger list for the trip?
Why did the women and children go out there?
Any information about the questions or where I can continue my searching would be much appreciated.

Angela Grocott

Oct. 22, 2011

My father, Robert Langton served on the Indefatigable 1941-1946. He is now 89 and keeping well, living in Kingsley, Northampton. He served as a medic and often talks of the suicide bomber attack.

Andrew Langton

Sept. 13, 2011

I am hoping to trace any former crew mates of the Indefatigable who may remember or have known my grandfather; Frederick (Fred) Eames. He never shared much of what he experienced in the war, but I do know was a semaphore signalman on the Indefatigable. He was quite a tall chap with big hands, a gentle giant, fond of a joke! He was a wonderful grandfather, and sadly missed. I wish I had asked him more about his adventures!
Not much to go on I know, I will try to post a photograph of him shortly.

Ben Eames

Aug. 30, 2011

My dad was a Stoker Petty Officer (Eddie HILL from Belfast ) in the "Indefat" from1944-45.  He saw the Pacific action and recalled some clearly very pleasant times in Australia.  He especially loved the ship  and tended to tell only the funny stories:  the day he was due to leave the ship to return to the UK he had one too many sippers of rum and went for a refreshing swim in the harbour in his uniform suit. He was delayed going home by attending defaulters for the only time in his navy career several days later. He escaped with the lightest possible reprimand which he thought was due to "peace having broken out" and to the Captain being a "very nice man". 

Unusually he once mentioned a serious fire in the Pacific caused by an accident while a stoker party were "dipping tanks" during the night-a good pal of his was a Stoker Petty Officer who died from burns in the sickbay. He often mentioned a very good stoker pal called (I think) Lesley Oxtable, perhaps Oxtaby, who he said was a North of England man - possibly Yorkshire.

My dad died in 1996 and was an old Navy Man through and through - he used to make my Mammy very angry by saying the Navy "were the best times of his life!".  Looking from the 2011 perspective I don't think we as a nation have any idea what a wonderful generation of young people these were. The Americans are much better at showing respect and gratitude to these old boys, most now dead and the remainder somewhat frail. This is an excellent website. 

Tom Hill

July 16, 2011

Found your site through the Indefat. assoc. newsletter.  I served on board from Oct 51 to March 52 under training on the Upper Hanger Deck(Jellicoe 207 class) then was "drafted" to ships company. I was in seaman's mess, 17 I recall then did some time in the Watchkeeper's mess-27. Early in '53 I was moved to the Side Party, where I stayed until demob in Sept 53. I well remember the Spithead Review especially that Coronation Blue! During training I was always the Righthand Marker all six foot one inch of me. We were part of the Street Lining party for the funeral of K.G. VI.  If this rings any bells drop me a line.

Ian Menzies (lofty)

June 28, 2011

My father, F. W. Baumeister, was a Japanese POW. In his diary he wrote about food dropping by the the HMS Indefatigable on August 30, 1945. He mentioned several names. I include his handwritten papers and what I could make of it. Maybe it can be of use to relatives of these persons. You can say "Thank you" to those who still are alive or to their relatives. If anyone has any photos taken from the aircraft during the drop I would be very interested in seeing them. I hope you can use this information and hope to hear from you.

Irine Kusnadi-Baumeister

The boys of the H.M.S "Indefatigable" who dropped food to us at Yokkaichi, Aug 30, 1945
C.P.O. J. King, 820 Sgd. Fleet Air Arm, B.F.M O Sydney Aus
R. Rader, B.F.M.O Sydney, Aus
D. Nach. a/BP) j.x 26yy8 Mess. 12
K. Taylor, a/B,P/jx 523553 Mess. 8.50 Crem-shaw kd. Reading
A. Dimmook 1772 R.N.A.S ( Royal Naval Air Service,GB)
Marina, S. Alvato
Air Mee, Richardson, J Mess I
C Brumbrell, mess. 64
S. Harrison; Mess 24
Ld. Cooper
A. Jolly
P.O. Fletcher, mess. 30
M.N.F. Mulligan, mess. 24
Mr. W. Eade, 26 High, St Finedon, nr. Wellington, North Hants; Eng
N.A.A. Rogers, fx 701877 mess. 6 c/o cPO London
A.B.R Lamont, C/jx 268363 mess 65. c/o c.P.O. London
P.O Blower, fx 112803 mess. 27.820 naval air Sgd. B.F.M.O
John E. Copp, fx 560752

The Lads of Mess 8.
R.O. Charles Bowett, R.D.X 358596
The P.08. mess 56
Drucker, white, R.M mess 22

The Lads of Mess 2

The Air Crew of Avanger "Ochinky"
G.H. Noble, mess 22
S/Lt J. Walker, Fleet Air Arm
P/Jx 629147 A/B. Butler, V.R. Mess. 80
L/OM. Fx 98908 mess I

Voorkant: aantekeningen F.W.Baumeister
B. Holloway, P/jx 334122, c/o B.F.M.O.
The boys of mess 21, R.N.
P.OS mess23
The Padre
Marina, G.L. Hedgecock, c/o B.F.M.O

Members of the mess 24
Marina M.G.J. Parker
Ch/x 4085, mess 22
S/Lt, (A), R.D. Gauthorpa, 8200 Air Sqd, c/o B.F.M.O
Marine, W.J. Salley, DO/x 118056

The Torpedo Men of Mess 19
S/Lt (A), John, W. Bell, R.N.V.R. 820 Air Sqd B.F.M.O
P.O. (A) G. Marsh, ?? 112391, 820 Air Sqd
c/o G.PO London

The Telegraphists Air Gunners mess, 820 air sqd

The Lads of mess 6

The Lads of mess 85

The Sgd O. os, Mess, British Aircraft Carrier

The Lads of the 1772 Sqd

The Officers Radio mess

The boys of mess 30

The Ca.(?) staff

The lads 894 Sqd Fleet Air Arm

Rover Sea S.t Crew

Apr. 16, 2011

Thank you Michael for for bringing back memories of my time aboard Indefatigable. I was a National Service Royal Marine ,September 1951 - October 1953. I joined Indefat on April 1952 and like Tugg I remember  Scotland, Aahus, Gib and dry dock in Plymouth. We were in Gibraltar when the King died and I left the ship the following April to participate in the Coronation. I was Coxwain of #1 Motor Boat and my mate, Coxwain of #2 MB was a bugler on board in 1945 during the Kamikaze attack. I believe a young bugler died in that attack. Like many others, I left it too late to try and find old shipmates and found only two who were with the Marine Detachment during my time aboard. Please keep up the good work, I will tune in often.

Jim Adams

Reply 1
Oct. 29, 2012

I have just found your site and how interesting it is. I looked up a ship I served in and in the messages there was one from an ex Royal Marine. It was number 28 dated 16 April 2011 from a Jim Adams. Would it be possible to pass a message to him to contact me. I was in the Royal Marine Detachment at the same time as he was and I believe I knew him. If you can arrange a contact I will be very grateful.

Trefor Jones

Apr. 6, 2011

I am the eldest son of Matthew Wright Morrison known to his mates as Dougie. He came from Ardrossan in Ayrshire and served on HMS Indefatigable during 1944-45 in the Pacific. I know he was an engineer of some description but not his rank. He was born in 1922 so would have been around 22 or 23 years at the time. Dad passed away in 1997 and I really want to put together some of his past life particularly for my son who is contemplating joining the Navy. If anyone remembers him, I would be pleased to hear from them. I do have some old photos which I will try and scan to send as these might be of interest to other contributors.

Kind regards,
Ian Morrison
Costa Blanca, Spain

Feb. 6, 2011

My father  Alfred William Barnes (1909 to 1980 ) served as a stoker on the Indefatigable from 1944 to 1946. Like many ex-servicemen he never spoke of what happened to him or his shipmates. He did however talk of the time he spent in Sydney after the war and how much he loved it there. I knew nothing of the Kamikaze attacks or the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay until I read of it in these pages and others like them. Is it possible to find a crew-list or any any other source of information that will help me learn more.

Mike Barnes

Jan. 25, 2011

I am on a mission to try and help my brother-in-law who is ill and would love to find a photograph of his uncle who died on HMS Indefatigable on the 31st May 1916. We have tried his family without success. His uncle's name is Richard White (SS/115703) Stoker 1st Class. I am contacting you in the hope that you may be able to point me in the right direction to find any records of Richard which might contain a photo of him. Any information you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Lorraine Faulkner
Luton, England

Jan. 7, 2011

My Father served as a Seafire Pilot in 887 Squadron on the Indefatigable from November '44 to April '45. He was one of the injured and miraculously survived as the Kamikaze hit the superstructure that he jumped into to avoid the impact. Your pictures are a godsend as I am now putting together his service history for all of my family. Any other such pictures or stories during this period would greatly appreciated. I have several good pictures you may be interested in.

Many Thanks,
Eric Knight

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