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June 16, 2015

The father of a friend of mine was a marine on HMS Venerable from October 1909 to October 1911 when it was under the command of Captain Erskine. In April 1911 the UK census took place and the census forms for the ship show William Kent on board. One of the Ancestry searches shows the census 'residence' as China and East Indies, Royal Navy. But where was the ship? Was it in Hong Kong or in Portsmouth? Was China and East Indies still a station then or had it ceased in 1860's as suggested by Wikipedia? Any help appreciated.

Family tales seem to say that he was in the Far East training the Japanese on ships we had sold to them. William got married in 1909 and one of the tales says that his wife went to Hong Kong with him, but surely not on a navy ship? And she was back in UK at census time, April 1911. She had conceived around Nov/Dec 1910 so her passage back must have been in the period Dec. 1910 to March 1911. So far no trace on passenger lists but I may have missed some. Her name was Kate Ellen Kent. Any help appreciated.

Brian Ellis

Dec. 30, 2012

My Great-uncle, Kenneth MacLean, 1900-1919, was a member of the crew of HMS Venerable. We have no photograph of him. He was drowned in the Iolaire disaster. Are there any crew photographs of HMS Venerable for the period? Can you give me any advice on how to find some? It was one more tragedy for a family which had known too many. His grave is in the Hebrides. His body floated ashore, unlike so many of the brave young men, drowned within a few yards from their island homes.

Christine Macdonald

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