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Dec. 15, 2006

My own grandfather, Joseph Massey, was also a crew member of the Temeraire, certainly at Jutland (1916) and possibly throughout the war. Alas, I have no further information: he died just before I was born, in 1948, and I have practically nothing of his – certainly no photos, I’m afraid. Apparently, he spent WWII as a Commissioned Warrant Officer in Devonport Dockyard, and I believe he may have been a PT Instructor at some stage.

So if Mr. Fairbrass or any other reader has any information about HMS Temeraire and particularly involving Joseph Massey, I should be delighted to hear more!

Kenneth Garland

Nov. 25, 2006

My wife's grandfather was on HMS Temeraire from Oct. 1918 to April 1919 and has a hand written account of that trip. We wondered if there any crew photographs of the ship's company for that period.

Richard Fairbrass

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