Kapitän zur See (ing.) Carl Klepp

Carl Klepp


December 21, 1939: The funeral procession for Hans Langsdorff, in the front row from left to right are;
Korvettenkapitän (ing.) Carl Klepp, Fregattenkapitän Paul Ascher and Korvettenkapitän Jürgen Wattenberg.
(Note, Fregattenkapitän Paul Ascher returned to Germany and was assigned to the Bismarck, he was killed
when Bismarck was sunk May 27, 1941.)

December 21, 1939: The coffin of Hans Langsdorff at the German Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Standing next to the coffin Korvettenkapitän (ing.) Carl Klepp (left) and Korvettenkapitän Jürgen Wattenberg
(All photos from the collection of Kapitän zur See (ing.) Carl Klepp (1900-1974) Admiral Graf Spee)
Courtesy of Dr. Peter Feuerstein

Page published May 18, 2008