Fregattenkapitän Paul Ascher

December 17, 1939: The scene in the motor launch just minuets before the explosion. Kapitän zur See Hans
Langsdorff, seated and looking despondent and Fregattenkapitän Paul Ascher (standing center), have just
left the Admiral Graf Spee after setting the scuttling charges.

(Photo courtesy of Hugh R. Sochi, from the private collection of Hugo Oehler son of
Matrosenobergefreiter Hugo Oehler, Division 4, Admiral Graf Spee)


December 21, 1939: The funeral procession for Hans Langsdorff, in the front row from left to right are;
Korvettenkapitän (ing.) Carl Klepp, Fregattenkapitän Paul Ascher and Korvettenkapitän Jürgen Wattenberg.
(Note, Fregattenkapitän Paul Ascher returned to Germany and was assigned to the Bismarck, he was killed
when Bismarck was sunk May 27, 1941.)

(From the collection of Kapitän zur See (ing.) Carl Klepp (1900-1974) Admiral Graf Spee)
Courtesy of Dr. Peter Feuerstein


Page published July 8, 2008