Admiral Graf Spee
Maschinengefreiter Friedrich Bachmann Collection
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Maschinengefreiter Friedrich Bachmann seen onboard Admiral Graf Spee.

December 15, 1939: Montevideo, Uruguay, the funeral for the crewmen killed in the Battle of the River Plate.

December 18, 1939: The tug Coloso carrying some of the crewmen from Admiral Graf Spee arriving at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

December 1939: Maschinengefreiter Friedrich Bachmann and ? seen in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

March 23, 1940.
All photos courtesy of Hugo R. Sochi
From the private collection of Friedrich Bachmann,
Maschinengefreiter, Division 8, Admiral Graf Spee

Friedrich Bachmann Collection
Page 10
Page published Dec. 7, 2009