How you can help

MaritimeQuest is always looking for quality photos of ships and other related material, photos from personal photo albums, which many people would have little interest in, we love. You can send scans or donate the photos for preservation if you like. If you live in the U.S.A., Canada or England we can scan them for you if necessary, without cost to you. We can scan photos, slides or negatives in very high resolution. If we can help please email me Whether you have one photo or a whole collection, no contribution is too small!!

We are always looking for printed material, books, magazines and personal diaries or manuscripts for publication on the site. If you would like to donate any such material please email me, our library is extensive, but there is always room for more.

Want to write a tribute? MaritimeQuest has published many lists of people who have been lost at sea, if you are a relative of someone who fell during wartime or was lost at sea and would like to write a tribute to them, please email me We would be happy to add what ever information you wish to provide and will even post a photo of the person if you can provide one. We want these people to be remembered and we are happy to be able to keep their memory alive.

If you are a veteran we would like to hear your story, one of our goals is to publish as many personal accounts as possible before these memories are lost forever. We feel that it is very important to pass this information down to the next generation and to allow as many people as possible access to these stories. If you have a story to tell email me

With a site as large as this mistakes are something that will happen, so if you find an error please email me, we want to provide the correct information and if there is a mistake we want it corrected.

Photo captions are sometimes difficult to come by, so if you see a photo and you can identify it please
email me

If you find broken links, missing or corrupted pages or anything else that needs attention please (you guessed it) email me