HMS Hood Memorial
Boldre, England

Boldre Church where the HMS Hood Memorial is located just outside the New Forest National Park. Several
airmen who were killed during World War 2 serving from the New Forest Airfields are buried on the church


The HMS Hood Memorial inside Boldre Church, notice the photo of HMS Hood in a golden frame is signed by
Ted Briggs, one of only three men who survived the sinking on May 24, 1941. You can also see two models
in a display case to the right.


The Book of Remembrance for HMS Hood.


A portrait of HMS Hood.


A framed photo of HMS Hood that has a brief description of the Battle of the Denmark Strait, and the ship's
crest carved into wood below.


The headstone of Vice Admiral Holland's wife, son and mother-in-law on the grounds of the Boldre Church.

(All photos courtesy of Sandra Meacock)
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Page published Apr. 12, 2009