Dotrscina Forest Memorials
Zagreb, Croatia
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The third memorial is the farthest from the entrance into the zone. Very soon after passing this memorial, the alley turns 180° in a big gentle curve. Now the visitor can go back to the entrance, or choosing not to turn with the curve, to go further through the forest, having a nice walk of almost an hour, before exiting the forest on its northern end. The memorial was erected in 1985, made from bronze and the author is sculptor Stevan Luketic. This memorial is dedicated to the revolutionaries from Zagreb, killed fighting against the regime from 1918 to 1941.

Close-up view of the memorial.

The memorial viewed from the side.

The bench where one can rest and reflect.

Another view of the memorial.
(All photos and text courtesy of Vladimir Tarnovski)
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Page 3
Page published May 28, 2014