Jack Ernest Mason Collection
(HMHS Llandovery Castle)

Jack Ernest Mason's shore pass to Alexandria, Egypt.

HMHS Llandovery Castle seen in the bay, location unknown.

Jack Ernest Mason (far left) and a group of unidentified men, presumably on HMHS Llandovery Castle.

A Red Cross train and casualties being moved, location unknown.

Photo presumably on board HMHS Llandovery Castle, location unknown.

Casualties seen in HMHS Llandovery Castle.

Barges loaded with casualties, possibly at Malta.

Men in a small boat or barge, possibly at Malta.

A small boat filled with casualties.

Unloading (or loading) casualties on shore. (Possibly Malta)

Unidentified wrecks seen from HMHS Llandovery Castle.

An unidentified wreck seen from HMHS Llandovery Castle.
(Photos from the collection of Jack Ernest Mason)
Courtesy of his daughter Janice Cowie

Page published July 7, 2014