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Oct. 27, 2007
Subject: African Star

I would be deeply indebted if anyone could provide a picture and any specific and descriptive information about this ship, other than what can be found on [gross tons, ft., speed, etc--built in 1946 by Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Kearney, N. J. for American South African Line, New York. I know that it was renamed STAR in 1973 and scrapped the same year in Taiwan.

In 1960 or 1961 I was a 3 year old passenger on this ship from Cape Town to Boston or New York. It was the same ship Alex Haley took to discover the slave experience for researching his book, ROOTS. I would love to hear any stories or descriptions of the ship personnel, life on board, anything.

Barb Sanders

Sept. 8, 2007
Subject: Great Storm of 1775

I don't know if you can help but...
I am looking for ships involved in the "Hurricane of Independence" which took place in September 1775 off the north Atlantic coast. Can you give me any pointers where I should look? I am looking for evidence to back up a claim made in an oral family history that my family arrived in Newfoundland in 1775 because - though bound for the American Colonies - their ship was blown off course in the storm and landed in St Johns Nfld. The oral history says the family was from Southern Ireland, probably western Kerry - so port of departure was probably Waterford. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Keep up the excellent website.

Sharon Lewison
London, UK

Sept. 4, 2007

Hi, Maritime Quest is just what I have been looking for. Perhaps there is someone out there who can help me?
I am a keen builder of model sailing ships and over the last forty years have completed seventy models.
My current project is the Brigantine "Lady of Avenel" built in 1874. I have some details of her history but I am still searching for more, I know she finished her life in Poole harbour and was set fire during W.W. two, and I have an old black and white photograph of her probably taken sometime in the 1930s

Don Proctor
Cornwall, England

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May 25, 2009

This vessel was owned by my uncle, Jack Hughes. He left it in Poole Harbour when he joined the RN during WW11. Unfortunately she was vandalized and sunk while my uncle was at sea.  A very wealthy lady hired my uncle to follow her son who had decided to row round the world. The deal was that my uncle would not get paid but would keep the Lady of Avenel at the end of the voyage. The lad survived 30 minutes before getting seasick and the voyage was over. The wealthy lady was good to her word and gave my uncle the vessel.

Dave Hughes

Aug. 25, 2007
Subject: Curious about someone

I have a photo from 1949, from the Metropole in New York City...a photo of my father with a "L/Stwd Ray Wolfenden", but I am not sure of the spelling of the last name. Can anyone find if this person served aboard the HMS Glasgow in 1949. If he is still alive, I would like to send a copy of the photo to him. Apparently, HMS Glasgow was in port. The address he wrote to my father is P/SLX 803087, Mess 11,  HMS Glasgow, c/o G.P.O. London, England. I am figuring this guy "Ray" to be about 80 years old.


Aug. 15, 2007

I absolutely love to look over your site, being that I'm a BIG fan of Titanic, and most other ships of the early 20th century. I'm amazed at the amount of photos you have, and I keep your site in my favorites to visit again and again. Really wonderful website you have!


July 22, 2007

I am looking for a ship that might have brought my father, EDGAR OSMOND MYERS FROM DURBIN OR SOME OTHER PORT IN SOUTH AFRICA to Fremantle, Western Australia, date uncertain. It would have been during or just after WWI. Can you suggest how I might track this information down.?

Thank you,
Joy Normile

June 22, 2007

Super site and well maintained. Stunning pictures of ships that has kept me looking for hours at the ships my dad talked about when I was little. He wanted to go on the Hood and I am glad he got posting to Argus.


June 21, 2007

Thanks for many interesting hours browsing through loose ends and excellent information about naval and wartime shipping where it is impossible to require sufficient information and detail through other sources.

Kind Regards,
John Rimmington

June 4, 2007

I would just like to say "WOW!!"  What an awesome site - truly a labour of love. I work in the port at Jebel Ali, Dubai and have seen the USS Ronald Reagan come and go out, as well as (very recently - last week!!) the USS Nimitz. I had the pleasure of being in the company of a few of the sailors from the USS Nimitz at an Aerosmith concert, who were playing for the first time in the Middle East. Good luck with any other endeavours you have,

Gordon Davidson
Dubai, U.A.E.

May 27, 2007

Just came across your site and a very good site it is. I have somehow taken up dreadnoughts as a kind of hobby, being a retired naval commander and amateur historian. I'll check up on it again in the future.

Kevin Glynn

May 16, 2007

What a fantastic site!
I am just scratching the surface and even for a ship buff like me, I am astounded at the amount of previously unseen photos that adorn this site. One small request; P&O’s Canberra would be a welcome addition as it holds a significant relevance to me as my parents met aboard her in 1969! (Apologies if it is already on here and I have not yet found it). Keep up the great work.

Best regards,
Paul O’Sullivan
Sydney, Australia

Apr. 5, 2007
Subject: Thank you

I love the site, it has been one of my favourites for ages. Thank you for all your work on obtaining all the photo’s.

Danny Putnam CERT CII
Leatherhead, Surrey, England

Apr. 3, 2007
Subject: Your site

Just a short message to say I thoroughly enjoyed browsing your site. I was never a sailor but the days of the great ocean liners and giant battleships fill me with envy and how I would have loved to have sailed on many of those fine ships. Sorry, I digress, what a super site and I look forward to revisiting many times in the future. I have numerous books on ships and if I can be of help data-wise, then please do ask if I can be of service.

Best regards,

Mar. 30, 2007
Subject: Navy

Ellwood R McGough US Navy 1950 -1953 aboard USS Missouri 3 years 4 months 26 days. Great duty and speaking of great that is what I think of Maritime Quest.

Thanks a lot!!!!!!

Mar. 29, 2007

Hi, have found your site very interesting. I have an original photo of the HMS Ajax (1913) with all crew on deck. It looks great.


Mar. 28, 2007
Subject: Daily Event 10 November 1888

I have just read your Daily Event for that date and was particularly interested to read it as I am the Great grandson of Capt. W. McMickan of the S.S. Umbria.

Ian S. McMickan

Mar. 25, 2007

First, regard for your homepage. I`m a Korean high school student, age 17. I unbelievel for this fantastic site. how collect that many photo? I like type light cruiser. When I write about Atlantic naval war in my blog, I use a many photo, many of photo copy from that site. How about write about the Korean navy category? I can receive the photo. That photo is Korean DDG destoryer, KDX-2 class named great kwangkaetow.

Mar. 9, 2007

Seeking : Volume 2 . Kings regulations and Admiralty instructions for the Government of His Majesty's Naval Service 1913.

Terence Spencer

Mar. 7, 2007

My name is Andrew Moore and I am in Hobart, Tasmania, in Australia. I am interested in getting a copy of a photo of HMAS Perth (DDG 38) colliding with the wharf in Hobart in 1985. I was serving on this ship
at the time but do not have a copy of that photo. There are some excellent photos of other ships on this site.


Mar. 7, 2007

Thank you.

William O'Morrissey
USS Tingey DD 539 (1951- 1955)
Loganville, Georgia

Mar 4, 2007
Subject: SS Alameda Star

Have just found and visited your web site and found it very informative. It is my understanding that my uncle Edward Paskell died aboard the ship in 1941, he was a petty officer airman. Are you able to advise me if there is a list available of those who died, I am not sure whether he would be listed as a passenger or a crew member as I believe he was on his way to his posting at HMS Goshawk. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any help you can give.

Jim Burnham

Feb. 22, 2007

Please can anyone tell me the name of CAPTAIN JOHN ANGUS'S ship he captained in about the 1865 or later.
I have tried for the past 6 or 7 years to find out. John Angus lived in HOWTH, North Dublin, IRELAND. his family also ran a chandlers shop on West Pier, in HOWTH. I have written and emailed all sorts of places but still can't get any satisfaction, so can someone help me. John Angus was born in 1825 in Dublin, Ireland. He gained his certificate, 12841 as Mate in 1855 and gained his certificate as master in Dublin in 1863. In 1864 he was master of ROKEBY (ON28396). Has anyone got more information about ROKEBY and about JOHN ANGUS did he captain any other ships.


Feb 21, 2007

Love this site its due to the greats ships or submarine of the sea learn more these ships. I found this site by a mistake but now I come back and for different vessel or ships that were build over history time wish their are more site that handle this. I'm a nut too due to history.

Michael Boyer

Feb. 9, 2007

I love the way you have the pictures others don't of the battleships especially. A little more history as far as maybe the awards and final resting places or fate after decommissioning would make it that much better which you can find on the navy's webiste. One thing if you can and have time to find out what wrecks have been located, their conditions and what if anything has been recovered as well as possibility of raising the ships themselves. I know the navy thinks most sailors should be left where they lay entombed! Well I'm glad you are out there and keep it up! Anymore information you can find and the sonar pictures of the USS UTAH would be cool too. I like how you still have it listed as a Battleship. No matter what they did it was and always would be and it had a long and very important career! Sorry its not simply a comment about your site

Brian A. Isfort
Cincinnati, Ohio

Feb. 4, 2007

No doubt, the best web site on world ships to date, THOROUGHLY enjoyed. One disappointment: pictures from the Training Ship ESMERALDA, Chile missing. I will be glad to send all the pictures you need. Congratulations for a fantastic site !!!

Fernando De Pierris, J.D.
Coronel, US Army, Air Cavalry
former cadet, Chilean Naval Academy

(MaritimeQuest Esmeralda Photo Gallery)

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