Daily Event for August 12, 2014

I know this is off topic, but I feel compelled to write the following. For more than a year news reports of atrocities on a scale that only the Nazis committed against the Jews has been filed from the Middle East. There is now genocide being perpetrated against Christians in Iraq. Thousands of people are trapped atop a mountain in blistering heat without food or water. They also have no protection against the rampaging terrorist army surrounding them. It was reported today that at least 500 were taken and buried alive, the number includes women and children. Furthermore several hundred women have been taken away, their fate one does not even want to imagine. Another report I just heard stated that up to 70% of the estimated 20,000 men, women and children who went up the mountain have now died or have been murdered.

While this is going on the United States drops a few bombs on a few targets and sends some humanitarian aid to those on the mountain, our President afraid to take decisive action. Not afraid of the terrorists, but of what his political base in the U.S. will say about him. It appears that he will let thousands die just so he will not have to send U.S. troops back to Iraq. He is not alone, many Americans have the same opinion, no U.S. troops to Iraq. Seventy years ago people like this wanted us to stay out of World War II, no U.S. troops to Europe. This attitude was changed on Dec. 7, 1941.

After the war and the atrocities of the Third Reich were learned by the public (it was not a secret in Washington or London) people asked "why did we not do something sooner"? Generations have asked their parents why did we stand by and watch the Jews be exterminated? Why did America do nothing? Years from now the question will be asked why did America and the world do nothing about what happened in the Middle East in 2010's?

If the images of suffering women and children, decapitated bodies, mass shootings, crucifixions and other atrocities are not enough to make the world act, what will? How many dead bodies do we need so see before we say no more? Make no mistake, just like before the Great War and the Second World War the great western powers were unprepared to conduct a real war, but their enemies were. The U.S. and Britain were shocked by the ferocity of the Germans, who were prepared to fight a real war. It took some time before we realized that the only way to win is to fight a real war, Göbbels called it Total War. Today and for many years the Islamic jihadists have been at war with the west, but we are not at war with them, not really. It is time for the west to finally be at war with the Islamic crazies.

There is only one solution to the current crisis in Iraq, the complete destruction of the ISIS army. No surrender, no prisoners, only total destruction will stop them. I realize that the U.S. military is war weary and I doubt they want to fight another war, however I suspect that if asked they would take up the task. I know that most Americans are disgusted at the sight of what is going on over there, and would do what it takes to save those people, our military would be the first ones to volunteer. But I am sure they would want a clear and decisive mission, destroy the enemy to a man. No more pulled punches wars like Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War and the earlier war in Iraq. Since the end of the Second World War our political leaders seem afraid to do what it takes to win a war, well now we have no choice.

The President's wife said after he was nominated that for the first time in her adult life she was proud of her country. A silly and selfish statement, so she was only proud when people voted for her husband. Well for the first time in my adult life I am ashamed, not of the country, but of the lack of fortitude on the part of the political leaders of my country. When Berlin was cut off by the Communists we dropped in food and water, I know we could do this again for those people on the mountain. But there seems to be no real hurry on the part of our President, he is busy on vacation and playing golf on Martha's Vineyard. I do not have the vocabulary to express the disgust I have for this man. He appears to be the most self-centered individual I have ever known, even to the point of allowing thousands to die. Well soon they may all be dead and he will not have to make a difficult decision after all. What will it take Mr. President for you to act like a man, like the leader of the free world and do what needs to be done? Will it take more buildings in New York to fall before you act, it appears that thousands of dead in the Middle East will not compel you, will it take complete genocide?
© 2014 Michael W. Pocock

Aug. 17, 2014

Thanks for your piece on Iraq. I do think that the U.S. should force the EU to take a bigger share of the burden. You feel ashamed about your government, I feel ashamed about a Europe that's not doing its duty and is always shying away ever since WWII under Uncle Sam's big umbrella.

I want to add that I do not endorse the sentence "I do not have the vocabulary to express the disgust I have for this man." That's far too strong for me. My main point is that Europe keeps shying away from its responsibilities. It's always the U.S. that has to carry the main burden. Instead, France is building two Mistral class helicopter carriers for the Russian Federation and Germany's Rheinmetall wants to build a state of the art training center for the Russian forces. These contracts are considered to be a major break through in the Russian arms market. This is sickening. Now you may use the word disgust! How far some governments are willing to go to please Vladimir Vladimirovich Rasputin?

Kind regards,
Pieter Graf

Aug. 24, 2014

Since the Aug. 12 Daily Event posting there have been some interesting developments which I wish to comment on. As everyone knows ISIS beheaded an American journalist, James Foley, and released the terrible video of the execution. Millions of people, including many journalists and political leaders, have watched the video (I have not). This caused an intense reaction in the U.S. media and government. While the deaths of thousands of Iraqi's only stirred the American public, the murder of one journalist has lit the flame which may be the end of ISIS.

Over the last week I have heard a great number of the talking heads in the media finally suggest that we must do something, it's amazing how the death of one of their own will spur them on. But even more encouraging is that several top officials have finally said that ISIS must be DEFEATED. This includes SECDEF and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. These are the two top military men in the U.S.

It's one thing for the media to finally be moved to action, but when the two top military leaders come out and say this, one must think that something is in the works. More than once this week I have heard people say that ISIS must be DESTROYED, not just pushed back. I totally agree with this opinion (as can be seen above).

I can only hope that in the background the wheels are turning and the Eagle is getting ready to fly. So I say to the President, Congress and all the talking heads, keep quiet. If we are going to go don't give the enemy advanced warning. Do what needs to be done and complete the job, the world may depend on us again.

Today one of the terrorist groups released another American journalist, perhaps these people know that they have now gone too far and soon they will have to answer to us (U.S.). There is no better fighting force than the United States military and the enemy knows it. They also know that we have failed to utilize our military force to the fullest. They also must know that they have poked our cage one too many times and their time may be up.

It is long since time that ISIS, Hamas and all the other Islamic terrorists groups are put down forever. Israel is taking care of Hamas, we need to take care of ISIS. The rest of the world needs to help. After all they will hit you before they get to the U.S.

Michael W. Pocock