Daily Event for April 20, 2013

Few details are available to me about the tragic loss of twenty-one men on HM Trawler Topaze T-40. The boat was built in 1935 for Croft Baker of Grimsby at Smith's Dock Company in Middlesborough, but in November of that year the boat, then named Melbourne, was purchased by the Admiralty and renamed Topaze. She was converted into an anti-submarine trawler and assigned to the 1st Anti-Submarine Group.

That is almost all I know about the trawler, the only other detail I have is that she was sunk on April 20, 1941 after being run down by HMS Rodney near the River Clyde.
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HM Trawler Topaze T-40.

Roll of Honour
In memory of those who lost their lives in
HM Trawler Topaze T-40
"As long as we embrace them in our memory, their spirit will always be with us"

Allnutt, Alfred L.
Seaman Steward (RNPS)
Blade, Samuel
Stoker (RNPS)
Braithwate, James
Seaman (RNPS)
Burgess, Alan C.
Ordinary Signalman (RN)
Chinn, William R.
Seaman (RNPS)
Denney, Richard P.
Stoker 2nd Class (RNPS)
Evans, John H.
Ordinary Seaman (RNPS)
Fedarb, Thomas E.
Stoker (RNPS)
Forrester, Frederick A.
Leading Seaman (RNR PS)
Gale, George R.
Chief Skipper (RNR)
Commanding Officer
Hosier, William H.
Seaman (RNPS)
Lound, Jesse E.
Stoker 2nd Class (RNPS)
MacVeigh, Hugh
Able Seaman (RNVR)
Mann, James E.
Engineman (RNPS)
Mills, Charles E.
Ordinary Telegraphist (RN)
More, James
Skipper (RNR)
Rokhar, Edward E.
Engineman (RNPS)
Swallow, Sam
Seaman (RNPS)
Welch, Thomas
2nd Hand (RNPS)
Wenham, Arthur J. A.
Seaman (RNPS)
Youngs, Frederick W. P.
Cook (RNPS)

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