Daily Event for February 4

February 4, 1945 The USS Barbel SS-316 is believed to have been sunk by Japanese aircraft in the South China Sea. The Barbel was on her fourth patrol when she was lost. On Feb. 3 the Barbel sent a message to the other subs she was operating with stating that they had been attacked three times by aircraft. Her commander Conde R. Raguet also said he would send a further message tomorrow night. The message however never came. The USS Tuna SS-203 searched for the Barbel until Feb. 7 with no result and finally had to report her lost.

After the war Japanese records indicated an air attack on a US sub on Feb. 4. The pilot reported scoring one hit to the bridge. It is believed this attack was on the Barbel. All eighty one men on the Barbel were lost with their boat. The commander, Raguet, was the youngest US sub commander lost in World War 2.

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USS Barbel SS-316