SMS Goeben
TCG Yavuz Sultan Selim (Later TCG Yavuz)

SMS Goeben, date and location unknown.
(Photo courtesy of Alexander Monreal)

1913: Crewmen on SMS Goeben at Constantinople, Turkey.
(Photo courtesy of Alastair Sneddon)

1914: SMS Goeben and SMS Breslau.

January 20, 1918: SMS Goeben (TCG Yavuz Sultan Selim) aground in the Dardanelles after hitting three mines
and being attacked by the RAF.

December 1918: TCG Yavuz Sultan Selim. This never before published photograph was taken by Lt. Frank Norton M.C.
(The caption on the back reads as follows: "Late SMS Goeben which was sold to Turkish Govt steaming hard Constantinople under British command. Note White Flag at the Fore Top. In background is the famous San Sofia Mosque.")
(Photo courtesy of Tony Stimson)

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