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Oct. 13, 2017

My father served on motor torpedo boats back in the 50's and was stationed in Lowestoft. I have virtually no information, but I remember him talking about the Brave class and the Gay class boats. I am not sure but I think I remember him talking about Dark killer. After reading an article on your website about Colin W. Hewitt and the time he spent in Lowestoft I didn't know if Mr. Hewitt could help me obtain any further information or if he knew my father. His name was Alan Roll. I remember my Dad, who was born and bred in Lowestoft, saying that he joined the navy to see the world. Then he was stationed in Lowestoft on motor torpedo boats. He did manage to see a lot of the world though as he didn't remain on MTB's as he refused to do parachute training and stay with the SBS.

Kind regards,
Adrian Roll

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