Ismay's Dream
By Padraig Lalor

Ismay's Dream is a CD that contains ten original songs telling the story of the Titanic disaster from the point of view of those who built her, sailed her and took passage in her. This is perhaps the first original compilation of songs written about the Titanic disaster. The music written and preformed with a distinct passion and heartfelt Irish soul which propels you back to 1912.

The songs cover many aspects of the Titanic story, from "62 Seconds" when the Titanic is launched to "Molly Brown" after the great ship had gone down, Lalor covers many different facets of the story including the title song "Ismay's Dream" which presents J. Bruce Ismay in his later life seemingly haunted by what happened that terrible April night.

This is the debut solo album by Lalor, who is well known in Belfast as a premier folk singer. He has also preformed in Belgium, Norway, France and the Netherlands.
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Page published Oct. 19, 2011