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June 11, 2018

I wondered if you might know the answers to my brief questions anyway? Pulling together internet threads & checking the report of the inquiry and Commonwealth War Graves records, I wanted to check:
  1. Michael Sinnott's body is buried in Penzance. One thread says his body was washed up there, but this seems unlikely looking at the map. I wondered if he lived in Penzance? 
  2. Was his body recovered separately OR was it picked up by the USS Parker? 
  3. IF his body was picked up by the USS Parker, is it included in the ‘9' reportedly picked up by the Parker?  (If this was the case, of the '9', the 2 dead would be Sinnott & fireman Jesse White, who died on board, with 7 brought into Milford Haven/Pembroke alive… but RAMC Private Samuel ‘Harry' Lund dying the next day in hospital would mean  only 6 ultimately survived from the Parker. However, my head count matches contemporary newspaper reports if there are 7 survivors from the Parker, 22 from the French yacht Feon, and 153 dead including Sinnott, White and Lund = 182 total on board.) 
  4. There were also newspaper reports of a body in a lifebelt having gunshot wounds - these stories were later discredited, but I wondered if they could have pertained to the finding of Michael Sinnott's body? 
If you know the answers, it would be wonderful - but please do not let me waste too much of your time. If you have a current email address and are able to show Ben Breen my specific questions, it would also be wonderful!
Krista Vane-Tempest

Feb. 3, 2018

I will be attending the service for the crew of the Glenart Castle on the 26th and was wondering what time the service started, if anybody could tell me when it starts I would be very grateful as we are travelling from London and do not want to miss it. Tanks in advance.

Anthony Hyatt

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Feb. 5, 2018

The service starts at 11:00, you need to allow time to get from the car park to the memorial. The Car Parking is on private property and I am not certain exactly where it will be this year.  I have advised the Army reps to allow 20 minutes to get parked and make their way to the top. Stout footwear is recommended as is warm, waterproof clothing. Headwear needs to be lashed down!

Best wishes
Bob Lawrence
RAMC Association

July 17, 2017

As in the previous message left by Jamie Staple my paternal grandfather was in the R.A.M.C. serving on the Glenart Castle when it was sunk in Feb.1918. It had a devastating impact on his family, which they never fully recovered from. I too would be interested in any information as regards a centenary commemoration in February 2018. Also I would be interested to know if there are any photos of the ships crew as none of my father's family had a photograph of him. My grandfather's name was Thomas Hyatt (P.V36053.) I have been to the Holybrook Memorial in Southampton and found the names of all the crew lost on that day, it is a very moving tribute to all the men and women lost at sea.

Many thanks,
Anthony Hyatt

Oct. 30, 2016

My maternal grandfather, Andrew Duncan, was one of the casualties on the Glenart Castle. I'm interested on any group involved with marking the 100 years in 2018. I live in Bridport, Dorset and have visited Hartland, but didn't know of a memorial. Next visit I will go looking for it. Andrew's death had a devastating affect on his family, three young children and my widowed grandmother. My extended family would like to mark the centenary of his death. Any info will be gratefully received.

Yours sincerely,
Jamie Staple

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Mar. 19, 2017

There is an annual service of Remembrance at the Hartland Point Memorial on the 26th February. The memorial stone is just off of the Coastal Path above Hartland Point, the walk up can be "challenging" in bad weather! Full details can be made available. 2018 is a special occasion, the final plans are not yet completed. Again if interested I will keep you up to date. Bridport should be no problem for a day trip, if you are thinking about staying overnight be aware that local accommodation could be at a premium. I am in contract with other relatives.

Bob Lawrence
Representing the Royal Army Medical Corps

Feb. 1, 2013

Below is a photo of Michael P. Sinnott, Radio Officer on the Glenart Castle. Born in Cahore, Gorey, Co.Wexford, Ireland. He was my Mothers uncle.

Best regards,
Ben Breen
Co. Wexford, Ireland

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