Vernon Lickfold Matthews, MRCS Eng., LRCP Lond., R.N.

Surgeon Vernon L. Matthews was born in Llandinabo, Herefordshire, he was the son of Thomas Matthews, J.P., and Louisa Matthews, of "Galen Lodge", Ross, Herefordshire. Gold Medalist, Haslar Hospital, 1911. He joined P&O in 1909 and served as Surgeon on RMS Ararbia, RMS Assaye, SS Borneo, SS India and SS Salsette. Later after joining the Royal Navy he served on the armoured cruiser HMS Drake for two years. Mr. Matthews, the ship's surgeon, was lost in HMS Viknor and is one of those with no known grave.
(Courtesy of Vince Matthews)
Great Nephew of Surgeon Matthews

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