Daily Event for January 4, 2014

In the waters of the Gulf of Alaska on January 4, 1997 the fishing vessel Peril Cape was in peril herself. The boat was en route to Old Harbor, Kodiak Island, Alaska trying to seek shelter ahead of an expected storm when the 35 year old wooden hull began to take on water for unknown reasons. It was apparent to her skipper, Nick Boskofsky, that she would soon founder. He and his two crewmen, Gerald von Scheele and 17 year old Danny White, quickly got into their survival suits and after sending a distress call got off the boat into an inflatable dinghy and awaited rescue. They were somewhere near Sitkalidak Island when the boat went down, but they were picked up shortly thereafter by the fishing vessel Golden Nugget.
© 2014 Michael W. Pocock

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