Daily Event for May 10, 2011

The steam whaling ship Lizzie S. Sorenson was built in 1898 at Ballard, Washington, she was 84' long and 84 GRT, the registered crew was six men. She was owned by the Tyee Company of San Francisco, California. On the evening of May 10, 1910 the ship was some miles off Cape Addington, Alaska when they attacked a whale. They fired shot at first and then harpooned the great beast. The whale, probably in great pain, fought a valiant fight, turned and rammed the ship until she had stove in the prow. It did not take long before the attacker became the victim and the ship went down. The fortunate crew all got into the boats as their ship slipped beneath the waves forever. Unlike the tragic story of the Essex which shared the same fate ninety years before they were not far from shore and they were picked up on May 12 a ship named Fearless. The fate of the whale is unknown.
© 2011 Michael W. Pocock

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