Daily Event for May 1, 2010

The submarine HMS Undaunted was built in Barrow in 1940 and deployed to Gibraltar and later Malta in 1941. She departed Malta on May 1, 1941 for a patrol off Libya, but she was never seen again. The theory that she was sunk by an Italian patrol boat on May 13 seems rather unlikely as Undaunted was due back in Malta on the 11th. The simple fact that the crew of the torpedo reported depth charging an unknown target and then claimed to smell diesel lends no credence to the fact that no conclusive evidence was recovered and many crews during the heat of battle believed they had sunk a submarine. What really happened to Undaunted and her thirty-two man crew is still not known, and may never be.
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Roll of Honour
In memory of those who lost their lives in
HMS Undaunted N-55
"As long as we embrace them in our memory, their spirit will always be with us"

Anthony, James W.
Armstrong, George A.
Leading Telegraphist
Bate, Jack C.
Sub-Lieutenant (RNR)
Beatty, James T.
Able Seaman
Blandford, Ernest J. M.
Petty Officer
Brady, James J.
Leading Stoker
Bushell, Douglas
Ordinary Seaman
Chapman, Frank R.
Leading Telegraphist
D'Almaine, Harry R.
Furmenger, Victor A.
Able Seaman
Harms, Alfred J.
Chief Engine Room Artificer
Hartshorn, George A.
Ordinary Telegraphist
Hastie, James
Stoker 1st Class
Heal, Hubert V.
Stoker 1st Class
Hillcoat, Thomas M.
Stoker 1st Class
Issac, Donald J.
Engine Room Artificer 1st Class
King, Charles W.
Petty Officer Telegraphist
Lewer, James M.
Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
Livesey, James L.
Commanding Officer
Lockwood, William F.
Able Seaman
Micklefield, Fred
Leading Stoker
Morrison, George E.
Able Seaman
Mudd, Thomas E.
Petty Officer Stoker
Newton, Albert E.
Stoker 1st Class
Ralphson, Sidney
Reeves, John G.
Petty Officer
Roberts, Norman
Leading Signalman
Robinson, Leonard G.
Leading Seaman
Rogers, Robert W. M.
Leading Seaman
Sumpton, Ronald R.
Seaman (RNR)
Worrall, Hewlett T.
Able Seaman
Young, Donald G. W.
Able Seaman

Several officers and men of HMS Undaunted along with some civilians, date unknown. Able Seaman James T. Beatty (late of Undaunted) is seen front row, third from right.
(Photo courtesy of Gordon Leathem
great nephew of James Beatty)

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