Daily Event for March 1, 2010

On March 1, 1917 two fishing vessels were lost in the North Sea east of Dundee, Scotland, both the victim of SMS UC-29. The crew of the Herbert Ingram all survived the loss of their boat, but the situation for the Redcap was a little less fortuante.

As she was hauling in her trawl UC-29 surfaced and fired several rounds at her, the shells killed one man, caused another to loose his leg and injured two more. The remainder of the crew took to the lifeboat and were picked up a little after noon.

UC-29 would only prowl the waters a few more months, she was sunk June 7, 1917 by a Q-Ship, only two crewmen survived.
© 2010 Michael W. Pocock

Roll of Honour
In memory of
Deck Hand William W. Staff
who lost his life in F/V Redcap

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