Daily Event for April 12

April 12, 1917 the Ellerman-Wilson Lines SS Toro was torpedoed and sunk by the SMS U-55. Many or most
of the crew got off the ship before she sank and were taken aboard the U-55. The captain and a gunner were
taken prisoner while the remaining crewmen were left on the casing of the U-boat.

As he had done before, Oberleutnant zur See Wilhelm Werner, submerged the boat leaving the survivors to
die in the Atlantic. He was charged with several counts of war crimes, but was never tried for the deaths of
the fourteen men he killed from the Toro.

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Roll of Honour
In memory of those who lost their lives in
SS Toro
"As long as we embrace them in our memory, their spirit will always be with us"

Andersson, Charles
Able Seaman
Bateman, Leonard A.
Assistant Steward
Crockett, John M.
3rd Engineer
Hardy, James W.
Hardy, Joseph E.
Harwood, Samuel W.
Chief Engineer
Lloyd, A.
Moorehouse, Elijah
Olsson, Erik H.
Able Seaman
Oxendale, Alfred
Assistant Cook
Sharpe, William H.
Slade, Arthur E.
Spencer, William
Able Seaman
Tether, Douglas M.
2nd Mate
Chief Engineer Samuel William Harwood, late of SS Toro.
(Photo courtesy of Kina Card)

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