Daily Event for June 26, 2005

On June 26, 1901 while approaching Canada, the steamer Lusitania, lost in the fog, was wrecked near Cape Race. Lusitania was built by Laird Brothers in Birkenhead in 1871 and was 380' long with a beam of 41' and a registered tonnage of 3,912 tons. Originally owned by the Pacific Steam Navigation Company she was sold to the Elder Dempster Line in 1900 where she was used on the Liverpool to Canada route. At the time of the wreck she had gone off course due to the fog and crashed into the rocks. The next day the passengers, fearing for their lives panicked. They rushed the boats, but the ship's crew managed to restore order. Because of this all on board survived.
© 2005 Michael W. Pocock

Lusitania, date and location unknown.