Daily Event for June 23, 2005

1951: The SS United States was "floated out" from Newport News Shipbuilding. This was the first large liner built by the US since World War 2. At 990' with a beam of 101" she displaced over 53,000 tons. She had been built with a dual purpose, liner and war transport. With this in mind the U.S. Government paid over half of the $79 million price tag. Made out of aluminum alloy instead of steel, she was the fastest liner ever built, officially she reached 38 knots, but it is said she had an unofficial speed record of 45 knots.

On her maiden voyage, New York to Southampton, she shattered the record held by the Queen Mary. She sailed for seventeen years and was then withdrawn from service. Since then she has been sold several times with the thought of returning her to service, but has remained docked. In 2003 Norwegian Cruise Lines bought the liner and is now preparing to refit her for use. She is currently moored in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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