Daily Event for July 17, 2005

July 17, 1918 the ship that rescued 705 survivors from the Titanic was sent to the bottom by a German torpedo. Carpathia, famous for the Titanic rescue had been built by C. S. Swain & Hunter in 1902. Owned by Cunard, rival to Titanic's owner White Star Line. She was 540' long by 64' wide and displaced 13,555 tons. Carpathia had been a stable liner for the emigrant trade for many years, not as grand perhaps as the large liners, but nevertheless a profitable ship. In 1918 she was in a convoy bound for Boston when SMS U-55 fired two torpedoes into her, a third was fired while the boats were being lowered causing the deaths of five crew members. The remaining 157 people were picked up by the HMS Snowdrop. The wreck of the Carpathia was located by a team headed by Clive Cussler in 1999.
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Carpathia, date and location unknown.