USS South Dakota BB-57
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Oct. 30, 2018

Your work here is stunning. I really am glad you are putting this together. My dad served in the #2 5-twin turret. The front one on the left side. Forward turret port side. I really appreciate the work. I must express to you in detail I noticed in looking at the superstructure on this page USS South Dakota Model. There are too many 5 twins. Battleship X only had 8 while the other 3 in the South Dakota Class had 10. The reason was that the coning tower had extra rooms and such to accommodate the Brass. She was flag ship for many including Admiral Chester Nimitz, Admiral Bull Halsey and more. I think what you are doing here is amazing and I am so glad about it. I would love to see this in person when it's done. I only told you this because I know the accuracy of the build is probably important to you.

Thank you,
Mike Foust, CRL

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