USS New Mexico BB-40
Ode To The Queen by Frank L. Moglia

One day just a child playing ball in the street
Next day headed to war with the Pacific Fleet

I board this vessel so big and grey
To sail for a land so far away

No longer playing stick ball with my friend
Now off to war my country to defend

This ship is bigger than I've ever seen
Her towering bridge and guns so pristine

They call her the Queen and it's clear as a bell
She's big and majestic and tougher than hell

Off into battle it happens so fast
Being a boy A thing of the past

The planes come so fast they seem a blur
Bullets, torpedoes they're shooting at her

My gun speaks so loud with each volley I fire
But the Queen is tough and she'll never tire

Her guns are her chorus her crew is her band
The sea is her venue her battle stations manned

The spent brass hits the deck and chimes out a ring
With smoke and flak her mighty guns sing

With that siege passed it's time for damage control
Take care of the wounded and count the death toll

Those that have perished in the volumes of war
Will play stick ball in the streets of home no more

It's time to go home and heal wounds with time
To try and forget what forever looms in our minds

The Queen is home her final days have come
She's retired of her ways her duty is done

The Queen sails away just one last time
Her last days will be few upon the brine

U.S.S. New Mexico was the ladies name
Her will and her men earned her glory and fame

So it's hats off to remember her in all her glory
Just a memory is the Queen, Ole BB40

Written in honor of my uncle, S1c Eugene G. Baron
World War II USS New Mexico veteran
By Frank L. Moglia 2018

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Page published Oct. 14, 2018