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Jan. 7, 2012

Not sure if you can help me. I am trying to locate any possible relatives of William George Meeker, Jr. S2, who went down with his ship on 11/13/42, along with the Sullivan brothers. We have some personal items that may be of interest to his remaining family. Perhaps you can direct me to who might be able to help me.

After my wife's mother passed away in 1998. My wife inherited a number of letters (15 I believe) written by William George Meeker, Jr. to my mother in-law, during the time he was aboard the USS Juneau in 1942. He is one of the may listed as lost at sea. My mother in-law and Mr. Meeker were neighbors, and they started writing letters to each other, right up until a week before the tragic event took place. The last letter is dated 11/06/42.

You could see a relationship building with each letter, and he could not wait until he was able to be with her. The letters are intact, complete with some of them using the ship's stationary, and the "Free Postage" stamp on the envelopes. I think Mr. Meeker's family would cherish some of his last words and thoughts that were in these letters, and this is why I am trying to locate his relatives. Upon this find, I was prompted to read the book, "Left To Die", and learned many of the details of this tragic event. If we are not successful in this search, we may donate them to a museum.

Thank you,
Ray Testa

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