Sissoi Veliky

Single ship class
New Admiralty Shipyard
St. Petersburg, Russia
Pennant Number:
June 2, 1894
Keel Laid:
August 7, 1891
October 18, 1896
Sunk May 28, 1905 by Japanese warships in the Battle of Tsushima.

(Damaged by gunfire and torpedo attacks May 27-28, surrendered to Japanese
and taken in tow. Ship sank while under tow due to damage and scuttling.)

47 men lost, 613 survivors removed by Japanese.

Ship's history (courtesy of Wikipedia)
The ship's construction was marred by organizational, logistical and engineering problems and dragged on for more than five years. She was commissioned in October 1896 with an appalling number of design and construction faults, and only a few of them were fixed during her lifetime. Immediately after sea trials, Sissoi Veliky sailed to the Mediterranean to enforce the naval blockade of Crete during the Greco-Turkish War. On March 15 [O.S. March 3], 1897 she suffered a devastating explosion of the aft gun turret that killed 21 men. After nine months in the docks of Toulon for repairs, the ship sailed to the Far East to reinforce the Russian presence there. In the summer of 1900, Sissoi Veliky supported the international campaign against the Boxer Rebellion in China. Sailors from Sissoi Veliky and the battleship Navarin participated in the defence of the International Legations in Beijing for more than two months.

In 1902 the ship returned to Kronstadt for repairs, but very little was achieved until the early losses of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 caused the formation of the Second Pacific Squadron to relieve the Russian forces blockaded in Port Arthur. Sissoi Veliky sailed for the Far East with the rest of the Baltic battleships and participated in the Battle of Tsushima on May 27, 1905. She survived the daytime artillery duel with Admiral Heihachiro Togo's ships, but was badly damaged and taking on water. During the night Japanese destroyers scored a torpedo hit on the ship that damaged her steering. The next morning the ship was unable to maintain speed because of flooding, and her crew surrendered to Japanese armed merchant cruisers. The ship capsized later that morning with the loss of 47 crewmen.

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