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Jan. 4, 2020

I am a Super fan of HMS Amethyst, include Hero Mr. John Simon Kerans and Able Seacat Simon. During the past few months, I searched a lot of information about them, and meantime, I've created two fan page on Facebook for keeping good memories.

Your MaritimeQuest website helped us to know more about Royal Navy. You did a great contribution. Many thanks. Any information about George Hickinbottom? If possible, please say hello to this gentleman for me. Because of him, Cat Simon had a chance to join HMS Amethyst.

Finally, I do wish you luck in 2020 and welcome to visit Shanghai in the near future. Looking forward to to hearing from you very soon.

Best regards.
One of Super fan of HMS Amethyst,
Jack Xi
Shanghai, P.R. China

Dec. 22, 2019

I am the niece of Roland Green who I believe was serving on HMS Amethyst at the time of the Yangtze Incident. I would be very appreciative if you are able to either confirm or refute this.  I know very little about his years of service in the Navy during WWII.

Many thanks,
Pauline A Moss (Mrs)

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