An Amethyst Man
By Charlie Chivers, R.N.

He was an Amethyst man through and through,
He wore a suit of navy blue.
He served his country in peace and in war,
On distance seas and far away shores.

The ship was his home, a Hammock his bed,
He lived on the mess deck with his oppo called Ted.
Middle, Morning and Dog-watches two,
There's work a plenty for a Sailor to do.

Captain of the Heads, or cook of the grott,
Or just a Rum Bo's'n, dishing out the Tot's.
Working down the Engine room as a grease monkey,
Or skiving in the Wardroom as the Captains Flunkey.

He sailed the seven seas in his wee little boat,
In storms and in gales he helped to keep it afloat.
The ensign flew proudly on the mizzen mast,
The Captain shouted "Dip" as another ship passed.

Sixty odd year on, and he's old and grey,
He walks down the road with a nautical sway.
Hat: flatter-back, walking stick at the dip,
He's off for a pint, at a pub called "The Ship".

He's "Crossed the bar" to live in GODS Mansion,
There to become a Barrack stanchion.
He was an Amethyst Man through and through,
And wore a suit of navy blue.
© 2010 Charlie Chivers all rights reserved
HMS Amethyst Association

Page published Nov. 7, 2010