HMS Scylla F-71
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Aug. 25, 2012

I worked on the Scylla and was involved in the launch, I was an apprentice shipwright at the time. I was also at the sinking as well but only as an onlooker, sad day.

Ted Fisher

Aug. 13, 2011

Just had a look at your website which was very interesting. Probably a minor point, and not sure if you are interested, but my father, Douglas John Barretto, was the ‘Chargeman of Shipfitters', heavily involved in the construction of HMS Scylla. My father was always most emphatic in telling me that he was standing by the forward flagstaff on the Scylla as she went down the slipway, my understanding is that he is in fact the chap on the bow waving his hat at the crowd. I am 46 years of age now and  I know for certain that I am somewhere in the crowd in a pushchair, with my mother alongside me!

My father continued to be involved with the Scylla during her service and was often involved in sea trials on her and her sister ships. He served for 46 years in the Naval Base, starting his apprenticeship in 1942 and retired in 1988. He lived to see the scuttling of Scylla in 2003, a few weeks before he died of cancer...somewhat ironic really. I'm bound to say this of course, but he really was a fantastic bloke, who taught me a huge amount about engineering long before I entered the profession myself.

I can't help feeling a bit saddened by this picture, the last major naval vessel to be built and launched at Devonport Dockyard, which along with the navy it served, are now shadows of what they were.

Paul Barretto
Plymouth, England

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